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what to do, what to pay someone to do...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rip, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hi all

    After sorting some electrickery (new battery and stator) with the VFR (91), I've had an inspection done and now have list of things to be fixed for rego. What was picked up was:

    - pads (front and rear)
    - rear brake disks
    - wheel bearings
    - front tyre
    - fork seals
    - head stem bearing (borderline, but given the age of the bike I figure its worth replacing)
    - chain and sprockets

    So, any recommendations on what is doable with basic tools and some enthusiasm, and what would be better left to the mechanics?

    Bear in mind the bike was a cheapy and I'd like to keep it that way, but also that I come from the f@#k it the first time, get it right the second school of repair. I'm only really worried about the head stem bearings, fork seals and the chain and sprockets (don't own a chain breaker).


  2. Proving you're enthusiastic enough and you know your general way around the bike here's what you can do at home.

    Pads front and rear (simply remove calipers and change brakes try avoiding taking off any brake lines as you will have to bleed the system, and as you're not trained in those wise arts I'd steer clear of that.

    Unless you have a big enough socket you won't be able to do the rear brake disc wheel bearings or front tyre (try not to use adjustable spanners as it's burs nuts and you've got bucklies getting them off anyway with out a rattle gun.

    Head stem bearing shouldn't be too hard for you to do JUST MAKE SURE YOU PAY ATTENTION TO HOW IT COMES OFF AS IF YOU FORGET/MISS SPACERS YOU WILL DIE! (Ok maybe not die but it's bad).

    Chain and sprockets again the rear wheel will need to come off and without the tools best of luck. Chain it the same game not to metion without a chain placing tool (to crimp the joining link), good luck.

    Hope that helps lol. :grin:
  3. can do all of the above,
    with a socket set, (with big sizes)
    some allen keys,
    20-30$ supercheap for a chepo set.
    may need a rattle gun or a long metal rod for the fork seals.
    and some way to hang/support the front end.

    not sure about the wheel bearings.
  4. Do it all yourself. It will make you become intimate with your bike.
    And worst case scenario, is that you'll fcuk it up.
  5. when i got my fork seals done on my across I took out the forks and dropped them at a mechanic to save mess and hassle. easy enough to get them out of the bike and saves a chunk of labour cost.

    The rest i'd do myself and invest in some tools.

    I recently had to drop the engine out of my GSXR and fabricated the tool for the frame bolts and am happy I did the work myself.