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What to do? What to do?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by N2O, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Fellow netriders, I want some opinions from experienced motorcyclists.

    I'm currently riding a 1980 kawasaki Z250B. I'm getting over the complete lack of power, and things constantly needing work.

    So now I have to think.
    Do I get rid of this bike, and get another 250, or do I get rid of it, and wait till my restrictions are over (feb '07) and get a 600?

    If I was giong to go the 250, it would be the hyo GT250R. Or the 600 would be the gixxer or R6 (2005, or 2006) But I don't know if I can justify the 7.5k on a 250, when I could get the 600 for 12-14k

    I know you guys don't really know me that well, but you should all know my accident record (although, i'm quite a lot better these days).

    Assuming money is no problem, what would you guys do? I'm not asking to be told the answer, just for your opinions.

    I think i'm into riding for the look and the feel, not to race, or necessarily ride the twisties. (of course that will happen some time or another)

    I will be moving house early next year to bendigo for university, so money actually IS an issue, I suppose.

    What do you guys think? 250, or 600 ?
  2. Stick it out with your current bike, as difficult and frustrating as it may be, then go nuts and splurge on the 600!
  3. Wait it out for the 600, you will not regret it. it means more fun in the future and if youare in it for the looks, there is much more street cred in the Gixxers and R6 and they do look like sex on toast... well the 06 R6 could do with a few modifications to the front end. still both beautiful bikes.
  4. Don't forget to look at the Daytona 675!
  5. Waiting it out would be torture given you'd be missing the best riding months but I definately wouldn't recommend buying a brand new 250 only to sell it in 6 months time - you'll just lose way too much money. If you could find a reasonably new, cheap 250 like a GPX that might be an option (unlikely you'll lose money on that) - otherwise wait it out. Though if money is an issue a brand new 600 might not be a good idea - keep in mind insurance won't be cheap (crashing a brand new, uninsured 600 isn't cheap either).
  6. High performance bikes, even 600's, are shedloads more expensive to run than 250's. since money is an issue, does that answer your question?
    If you aren't legal for the 600, I wouldn't even think about it.
  7. Yeah, I'll +1 the 'wait it out, dude' camp: maybe being *mumble* years older means I have a longer time horizon, but six months is bugger all in the course of your life, and you'd be doing a heap of dough (borrowed?) just due to impatience. Learn all the Z has to teach you, save your pennies, and pick up a totally sweet 600 in 6 months.
  8. heres my 2 cents worth

    stick it out just ride the hell out of it learn all u can
    save your cash then buy a bigger crotch rocket when the time comes
    good luck with ur decision
  9. I made some prelim calls about insurance on a '06 gixxer600 and it was $1400 full comp with $800 xs for myself.

    I will have $8000 saved up by the time restrictions are over. I figure a loan of $4000 can be paid off in the following 6 months (BUT i'll be moving out of home, and don't know if i'll be able to afford it)

    I already own a triumph 2500S car, so the daytona is looking kinda perdy for me. That or the Thruxton. The thruxton really rocks my socks.
  10. Feb 07 is just around the corner dude, until then go on a savings binge, don’t buy chrissy presents this year, do overtime, get a second job, take annual leave & work through your holidays somewhere else, rob banks, do whatever it takes, then in Feb 07 spare no expense & get the bike you’ve dreamed about.
  11. Have you budgeted for an insurance quote for this 600? I could imagine that at 19 you'd be looking at a minimum of $2K, no matter how sedately you say you'll ride!

    EDIT: You posted just before mine, hence my post is now irrelevant.
  12. Seriously if you can have 8k saved then I reckon forget the loan and just buy something cheaper outright for cash - a near-new Hyosung GT650R might be worth a look. Certainly better than having to sell the bike (or yourself :LOL:) to keep up with loan payments.
  13. i get unrestricted in feb as well - i'm doing the wait. One unusual benefit of the lack of power is it forces you to compensate with other useful skills.