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What to do, what to do...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimmym, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Maybe I am asking too much? Anyway...

    I have my fulls now and have been tormented by the plethora of bikes avaliable. Hence, my commings to you all for assistance...

    I should start with my mindset as to what I want from my new bike, which begins with a tale from my past haha. As well as loving bikes I have had a long relationship with fast, modified cars. They were my life. Until I bought my first roadbike that is. I treated it the same way as my cars, warm and lovingly, careful to keep it clean and without a scratch. After a short stint of only having a bike, i needed a car (only cause the girl I was seeing lived a while away and had no license... but she was alright looking). So instead of going and getting the latest and greatest I purchased my brothers dilapidated VS commodore off him for an enormous $1,000.

    Given the price of my new beast i had adopted a new approach towards cars, which I only describe as: caring. Or lack thereof. And I love it. Not caring when it gets a scratch or dent, not caring if i hurt my suspension by taking speed bumps fast enough to get air, not caring about the tremendous splutter on acceleration. I can honestly say that its the most fun I have had in a car. Its terrible at doing ANYTHING, but you can drive it on and over its limits.

    (Note: I don't intend on treating my bike as badly as this but I guess it shows that I don't want the fastest, lightest, best looking bike in the world, just the one that makes me smile and laugh)

    Yes I realise I have become sidetracked. ANYWAY, the above sums up what I want out of my bike. Basically I have a few requirements that go with it:

    - I have given myself a budget of $5,000 - $5,500
    - It must accelerate well
    - HAS TO be pretty easy to wheelie :dance:
    - The less it weighs, the better
    - Would like it to be 'a trooper'

    I realise a lot of you will be going "Motard!, Get a Motard!". I agree this is what I should focus on, but i would also really appreciate 'outside the box' thinking (plus a motard with decent power is on the high side of my budget).

    Disclaimer: Sorry if the above sounds like nonsensical ramblings.

    So, without holding you up any longer, suggest away....................
  2. 2 stroke sports bike? Super light and fly like a bat out'a hell once you hit the power band :demon: Even my old farm bike wheelies pretty easy (Sometimes to easy:eek:)

    Just make sure you grab something that you can still get parts for...
  3. Late 80s/early 90s sport bike. Oil cooled GSXR, early FZR, GPZ900R/1000RX etc. They all offer stonking performance for very few dollars (grotty 900Rs can be had for <$2k). They'll be worn out of course, but are perfect mounts if you want to thrash their potatoes off, before slinging them, uninsured, into the sand trap at a track day. Then you go and spend another 2-3k on another one, preferably the same so the first can be cannibalised for spares.

    Remember, as an LC racing mate f mine says, "not caring about the bike is worth 5 seconds a lap".
  4. Forgive my lack of 2 stroke knowledge, but are you just referring to the RGV250 and RS125/250?

    I kow they made an RG500 but from memory they'll set me back a fair bit?
  5. Rg/rgv, rs, nsr, the later rd and gt models, probably a few others I don't know about. Though on another look most are more expansive than I thought :( RGV 250's are going for 2.5 ~ 6 grand on bike sales and seam to be the cheapest.

    Most of my knowledge of 2 strokes is with the last two, my uncle has a '79 RD250 and I picked up a pair of GT250x7's last weekend ('78 and '79 - can still get most parts for them from suzuki :D)
  6. I would buy a streetfightered R1 or something. Fast, cheap that you wont care if you crash. Maybe not an R1 on your budget, though you might be able to get a crashed sportsbike and rip the fairings off yourself.

    A two stroke would be a pain if you are looking for a bike that just goes and that you dont have to worry about.
  7. If anyone was wondering (which im sure you weren't) i bought a 2009 DR650se and im quite content with it!!