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What to do on firedrills

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by zilly, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Today we had a fire drill at work.

    A new group have taken over the proper procedures for a fire drill, and they say "you should take your personal stuff with you like keys, wallet phone. You may never go back into that building if it was a real fire, so how would you get home or into your home if all your stuff has burnt"

    I came to work today on my bike so I want to know does personal stuff include my helmet (as I wouldn't be able to get home without it due to legal reasons).

    Whats your take on this?

  2. I'd take anything what is NOT easily replaced .
    ie wallet, photos, phone - ( lifeline ).
    If time permits, then stuff like helmet, jacket etc..

    re: firefighters :shock: amazing .. BUT what about those water restrictions ? :roll:
  3. I'd take everything I could without endangering myself.
  4. Helmut lives in the right hand pannier, when not fullfilling its legal obligations. :)

    Gotta luv a Connie!
  5. yes, looting is fun. fill those pockets!
  6. :rofl: :rofl:
  7. don't encourage me
  8. I think, if the helmet is on your desk beside you (or close enough to it), it's probably okay.

    I mean, the intent is usually that they don't want people heading back to their desk from the other side of the building or going to their locker in the basement garage to gather up personal junk. Or spending five minutes shutting down their computer and gathering up documents while their desk is on fire.

    (Or, for that matter, encumbering themselves with hastily-grabbed, loose items that could cause a hazard when everyone's piling down the emergency fire exits)

    Ktulu put it more succinctly. If it won't endanger you or others to grab it...
  9. Put your bike jacket on and the helmet. Some protection if there is a real fire. Fill your pockets up with personal stuff and tuck your computer (for music and photos) under your arms and then your all set to g o.
  10. I think you'll find they are doing it on a training pad.

    They have draining sections and all the water gets recycled :)

    All except the oil fires pad. Can't re-use oily water.... That would have an adverse affect on firefighting :)

    I'm more worried about the fact that they will need a few more hose couplings after smashing what looks like 8 couplings and possibly tearing some hose in the process!

    (yes, i'm a fireman) lol
  11. Going anywhere regardless of fire drill or not there are 4 things you naturally always grab . Your keys, phone, wallet and helmet unless you are a girl and grab your handbag as well. :p
  12. take your helmet. It's also a handy receprical for other items.

    You know, you could even wear it as you leave the building to protect from falling debris :grin:
  13. My take is that if people post off topic stuff in general discussion, the post should be removed instead of moved to the correct place :p
  14. if there is another fire drill .. all the riders put on your helmet and walk out at the same time in a group :) .. heheh
  15. Ha I try not to hang around after I have lit the - oops remove this post please :twisted:
  16. "shit! did i SAY that or THINK it??"
  17. If you are in a single storey building it's not so bad what you grab.

    I work on the 19th floor of a 33 storey building and we are told NOT to take anything bulky down the stairs as it gets crowded in there.

    We get plenty of practice as well as the annual practice drill each year we get at least two or three false alarm evacuations due to the bottom 10 floors being a public car park with only a 2m clearance & badly placed sprinkler heads throughout :roll:
  18. I supose it depends largely on what you do to detirmine your priorities. I have my assistant and 5 (sometimes more) profoundly autisic 8 yr olds to keep safe. They are my priority and as long as they're safe (along with the other staff and students at schoo) I couldn't give a stuff about my helmet or wallet. :)

    That said, I do have a system in place. I take a backpack to school (it's a Kawasaki one) and in that I keep my wallet, keys, cigarettes and anything else I want for the day. It's too large for my needs but in the event of a fire it has space for me to throw in some of the kids favorite toys (they may need to be entertained on a b'ball court for several hours or they get violent). I also put in the role to account for my students at the meet point and I keep a pen in the bag to tick off their names. Because I need the bag, my stuff automatically comes with me. However, if we're outside or in another room at the time it would have to be left behind to ensure the immediate safely of my students if if at the expense of proceedure and school policy. :)

    I wouldn't see my undamaged helmet as a silver lining in the event that a child was hurt and I don't think their parents would either. :wink:
  19. At one company I worked for we got notice of a fire drill about 6 weeks before it was to be carried out :roll:

    A mate and I had arranged to have pizza delivered to the evacuation point but the drill got cancelled two days before when it turned out the alarm system didn't work.

    Was there two years and we never did have a drill. Not bad for an oil manufacturing company really.