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International What to do in NZ?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. There's an outside chance that I may be starting work in New Zealand (southern end of thew North Island) in the forseeable future. As I'll be attempting to keep running expenditure to a minimum I'm looking at buying an expendable el-cheapo (older used Jap or newish Chinese) 125 or 250 as a commuting hackso I'll be bike equipped.

    I'll also be unrequired, footloose and fancy free at weekends so are there any biking must dos or must sees within striking distance of the Wellington/Palmerston North kind of area for day and weekend trips? Equally, are there any roads/areas to be avoided where possible?

    Any advice on riding in Kiwiland much appreciated.

  2. From Palmerston North, the Pahiatua Track/Woodville/Saddle Road loop used to be fun. The run around the Wellington bays is kinda cool, as are the Rimutaka road and Paekakariki Hill road. For a decent ride, take the Whanganui River Road. It's more than a day but well worth the journey as it goes from Wanganui to the central plateau (Ruapehu/Taupo etc). Some gravel sections but brilliant scenery. My recommendations are now seriously dated but it's worth having a look at how those roads shape up now.
  3. Go to the South Island :)

    Did 5 days there last year, some amazing roads, very little traffic & I saw 1 (one, 3 less than 4, one more than none) cop car in that time :sneaky:

    Didn't get all the roads in that I wanted, but looping from Christchruch to Queenstown, then up the west coast took in a fair whack of them.

    A work contact in NZ has just recommended some killer roads that I have to try out, but I can't remember them of the top of my head. I'll consult & let you know, waaaaay down south from memory though.

    I also went there as a kid & remember some very tight rainforest type roads in the North Island, but I didn't do any riding in the North this time. I prefer my roads a bit less haripin-ey & dryer :)
  4. Can't edit for some reason, but Roarin also has some great recomendations.
  5. 1. buy gumboots.
    2. find a good cliff/fence
    3.... you see where im goin with this.
  6. The Catlins apparently, in the very way down south - Dunedin, Invercargill, etc, Burt Munro's part of the world.