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What to do in a Traffic Jam

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by doonx, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "traffic JAM"
  2. looks more like a parking lot than a traffic jam. :(
  3. Well, they ARE parking....

    Sorry, I'll be good now.
  4. rc36
    why is that man doing push ups on that lady????????????
  5. I don't know why a link to what appears to be a man having sex with a boy in a parking lot is in the Jokes and Humour section of a motorcycle forum.

    It is not funny and in my opinion innapropriate on all counts.
  6. scooter, the pic is a setup, I'm amazed that this thread has not been deleted. Other thread a lot less confronting have been zapped on the spot......
  7. How are you qualified to make that claim?

    it is just another shock value pic floating around the net that has been dredged from the sewer.
  8. jesus christ
    get a life , there is nothing offensive about the photo
    no genitals can be seen , no rudie bits , just a bloke laying on a women .
    for christ sakes its in the jokes and humour section take it as that , humour . ( truth be known i would be prefer to humping some sheila insted of being stuck in traffic )

    dont be so anal retentive bunch of bastards and chill out a bit .

    i am suprised at your reaction scooter , you are normally pretty cool and easy going.
  9. only on the basis that it was sent to me a long time ago from a mate in the States who said he knew the guy who took the photo, and that it was all a big laugh. I mean, who would really do that for real ? Certainly my mate could have been bullshitting me, so who knows, who cares ?
  10. And a tame pic compared to some of the others on Doonks web page........

    Oh look 800 posts already.

    I really need to get a life...
  11. yeah, those skiing shots are , you know, like, out there :shock:
  12. Keep posting Doonks, that picture is in no way offensive unless of course you don't like what they are doing. Maybe we have a few nuns on the forum.
  13. OMG steve thats so sexist! How politically incorrect of you! Maybe they are MONKS; did you think of that? huh huh? You SO offended the monks by saying they arent as celebiate as nuns!
  14. I'll have nun of that thank you very much.
  15. Looks like homoerotic action to me! The person laying on their back is very masculine. Check out the size of the feet and definition of calf & pectoral muscles.

    I'm not offended by this pic, but I don't think it's for real either. 8)
  16. Definately Homoerotic, pedaphilic,horses hoof with long girly hair on top of a young boy, no wait I get it that's really funny.

  17. If you're not sure if it's male of female, don't debate the authenticity of the picture, just go to a real p0rn site, where things are more clear cut. You can't take any chances with this stuff peeps.
  18. and MY link got deleted ????
  19. No your link is still on pg 1.