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What to do..hmm?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Eatingmaplesyrup, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. I'm starting to get a bit keen to either swap out my ride for something in better nick or again restore my trusty cbf 250 but I'm not sure what direction to take. I have ~$4000 to play with and I want something that is a bit more fun and lustworthy. Perhaps something that will prepare me more for larger sport bikes. I will use it to get to uni every day, mucking around on the week end and HAS to be capable of making it 300km to home on the highway ~once a month. I'm average height and build.
    My short list is
    -Rs125 (will that make the trip? Also what does a rebuild involve?)
    -perhaps a vtr or spada...but looking for something a bit different than the cbf
    -Hyo 650 (if I can find one at the right price)

    I have two years left on lams (grr) so it will have to do me at least until then. Or would it be worth mucking around with my cbf (I have a caferacer style build in mind) as it only cost me 1k?

    not sure what else is in my price range but I doubt a rvf or cb400 lol.

  2. Go the cafe racer with the cbf 250, save your money for when you want a bigger bike.
  3. http://www.productreview.com.au/p/honda-cbf250.html

  4. If your cafe racer isn't in too bad shape, it might be worth fixing it up, adding a windshield and increasing the fuel capacity (plumb an auxiliary tank or two). Or you could just carry a jerry can and pull over whenever you're low on fuel.
    I dunno how good the cafe racer seating position will be for a 300KM trip though, you might try addressing that with higher handle bars and relocated foot pegs.
  5. I wouldn't be dumping money into a CBF personally.

    Can you scrape the pegs on the CBF? If you can't do that then spend your money on petrol and learn to do that. That will prepare you for a sportsbike more than a change of bike. If you can scrape on the CBF, buy the VTR or a ZZR/GPX and learn to scrape the pegs on that.
  6. Sorry, but... why???
  7. Haha but I want a bigger bike now :p.

    That review pretty much sums up my thoughts of the cbf. I dunno, I guess it makes me depressed to see it not perfect, but the only thing that scares me from doing it is the issue of is it really worth the hassle and cash? Especially when I can get a more serious bike.

    It's definitely not in bad shape...but yeah every piece of plastic on the thing is damaged in some way, tank is filled with putty and headlight is in a bad way. If I can get another tank of similar size fuel isn't an issue (got to work out how to make the fuel gauge work with a different tank). I doubt I'd make it a serious cafe racer, it would still have to take a pillion passenger.

    I do love it...it's just the fact I will either chuck money at it (is it worth it?) or chuck money at another bike which will likely give me more thrills. It's a tough choice!
  8. Why to the not putting money into a $1K CBF or why not learning to ride the thing before selling?

    I wouldn't be putting money into it because you won't get it back and being a uni student every cent is valuable and you could spend that on your big bike when you are off restrictions.

    I think the learning how to ride is self explanatory.
  9. yeah I can...not something I aim to do.
  10. Whilst leaning off the bike? Maybe you could get the VTR and some rearsets.
  11. Sums up my concerns. The thing is I have this money now, but I doubt it will be there in a couple of years... I have the chance to do it now or not at all, until I get a job in 5 years perhaps.
  12. No, I don't think I was...more leaning over the tank. Does the vtr have a lot more go than the cbf?
  13. Restoring a bike is not cheap. And half the time they are still worth nothing after you throw mega $$$ and time into them.
    Get a new toy. Who cares it's only money.
  14. If I do restore it, it will probably be worth less than nothing. I mean it's a repairable write off turned into a cafe racer lol, so it would probably have to be a keeper. Yeah...I think I want to, but not sure which way to go.
  15. Get on Ebay and bikessales.com. Hunt them down and test ride them all.
    Riding a bike is the only way to know if it's for you or not.
    You don't run along side and look at them when you own it. You ride it.
  16. You should be leaning off if your pegs are scraping.

    Yes, close to half the horsepower again. The CBF tops out at 110km/h ish, the VTR not to 140ish. The ZZR is about 160ish

    On the track of course.
  17. True! I have been looking, so far I have ridden a cbr250rr, it was a really fun bike! It being 20 years old scares me. I want to ride an rs next
  18. Oh ok. Not sure why it was then? I suppose one corner was up hill if that makes a difference?

    Cbf does over 140km/h assuming my speedo is correct. I will have to go have a ride of those two
  19. OK yes learn to ride the thing but... scrape the pegs?
  20. Is it meant to be a gauge of if you have mastered a bike? All I know is it scare the F*#K out of me and I thought I was gunna go down haha. Not something I aim to do