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what to do? dodgey service?!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cronus, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. So as i have a new bike and all i've had my mate riding my old cbr250r which has served me well and was still running like a champ despite minor heat issues and blowing a little smoke.

    as it was time to service her my mate put her in at freestyle honda in frankston on friday morning and got the service and asked to check out the smoke issue.
    got a call back this morning saying the service would be done and the smoke was due to a head gasket (which is what i had suspected, they wanted $500 to fix that so pass ill do it in the next week or 2 as he's away on business) they serviced and cleaned it by the arvo and I drove him to pick it up. when i got home found out that the bike was running like shit and that it had stalled in third aproaching a speed bump around the corner and it wouldnt start again lights were on bright but the starter just spluttered i push started it and noticed straight away that it felt shit, i cant quite explain it or how it felt but deffinately not right and completely gutless...for the bike... which was his description too.

    How do i approach this with the service agent? for one the battery is only 12 months old and was 100% before it went in but what concerns me more was how it is performing now compared to how it was performing before it went it.
    seems like woulda been better not to be put in, could them washing it with HP hose have done anything or could they have ****ed it up with a simple oil change?
  2. Take it back and complain, if they tell you a bunch of bollox and tell you to piss off then go to a proper workshop.
    Big places with a reputation cant afford to tell their customers to piss of, independnets can and ofen do , its happened to me.
  3. Just remember the motto, nice guys finish last, ring them or go there and demand to know why the bike left the shop in a worse state than when u dropped it off
  4. They may just tell you its due to the head gasket. If its anything like a car head gasket, they run like shit if blown - you may have water and oil entering the engine. Anyway, best of luck with it!
  5. yea give em a call asap and let them know the problems. Tell them you are coming back to the shop ( don't ask ).
  6. so i started it today and it went no probs, I think water from their HP hose mustve got in something it shouldnt have but it dryed today.
    as i havent had to ride it for a while i gave it a quick spin and **** the shifter has gone to shit from what it was but what was worse was the brakes.
    after "using" them i looked at the resevour and couldnt see an fluid! I was like FUUUUCK not the best of things, they worked but only when white knuckling them.
    should the workshop have at least checked this? and said we can fill that for $X
  7. Hey Jay, piss off.......but have a pair of tits to be going on with (.Y.)
  8. In my mind, a service should include brake/clutch fluids and possible bleeding of both. Check your recept to, to see what they did.

    I'd be sending them an email and giving them a call asap. The longer you leave it, the less they are going to believe it was thier problem.
  9. God it pisses me off when there are so many people that are so quick to jump on the poor guy in the shop; sure they spent extra time making sure it was worse for you when you collected it (der!).

    Common sense tells you that any shop wants, and try's, to do the best that they can do with the piece of shit (so it seems in the case) that is brought to them, they want happy customers and want to do the best job they can.

    And then if something they didn't touch breaks, or even if it was something they worked on isn't quite right, all the bloody keyboard hero's come out.

    Why don't you just go back a politely ask the person in shop for some help and explanation; don't start bagging a shop, on a public forum, about something you obviously know nothing about (or you wouldn't have taken to the shop in the first place).

    I've worked in the Victorian bike industry for over 35 years; I always go above and beyond what a customer expects; and my friends that also work in the industry do the same.

    Sure some shops make mistakes, no one is perfect, ask for help and you will receive; send your meal back with attitude and the chef is sure to spit in it.
  10. If I go to a bike shop and pay upwards of $500 I expect the bloody thing to run properly when I'm leaving....call me crazy.
  11. I agree with Johnny O, a bike shop will test generally on completion but it is impossible for them to test every type of speed and braking condition. The real measure of a bike shop is how they resolve an issue when you take it back not if they accidentally missed something when it was serviced. You owe it to any business to give them an opportunity to correct the problem first.
  12. Tell em not to replace the head gasket and don't sook when it blows out then.
  13. I don't know the full story so I can only say this from what has been stated.
    The longer you procrastinate the less likely you are to get any good response from the dealer/mechanic.
    I'd get onto it ASAP

    cheers michael
  14. happen to me at a reputable Yamaha dealer. My R6 was snuffing out on idle and they charged me $700 to have it rectified they replaced the Ignition coils sticks and their labour and did all their test. They said they have fixed it but after i rode it around the block it still snuffed out on idle. I bought it back to them to have a look and it just as you know it cut itself out infront of them when it was idling and i was talking to them they took the bike back had a 2nd look and inspected again. They assured me it was all fine and guess what happened it snuffed it self out again lucky they didn't charge me for 2nd look as they didn't fix it.

    I got sick of them and paying $700 for it with no results I bought a manual and had a go at it. Turns out all it needed was new set of spark plugs and now its purring again. Don't trust the big dealers by any means they have 16 yr olds apprentice working in there and they don't know more than the next guy but they are assigned to work on your bike and the supervisor takes a overall inspection of the bike with a tick if they did their job correctly or not.
  15. So what you're trying to say, is, every one should be content with pissing their money away to dodgey mechanics for dodgey service?
  16. What I actually said was "If you don't replace a head gasket on it's last legs, it will blow".

    They can't replace things if you tell them not to, and holding them responsible for something you told them not to fix makes you look quite the fool.

    I didn't "try' to say anything. There is no hidden meaning, unless the word "gasket" evades you.
  17. =/=

    And if you'd care to check the topic of the thread is about taking a mostly fine working bike to a mechanic, and leaving with something that dies on the way home.
  18. Obviously the bike shop shouldn't have overlooked the lack of brake fluid, however.......

    If the head gasket is on its last legs, its not going to gradually get better and if you use the bike its not going to stay just as it is, its going to get worse. The worse it gets the worse the bike will run, the more oil and/or water it will use and the less compression it will have. Blaming the bad running on the bike shop after you told them not to fix the problem is a bit rich.
    A bit like getting a service on a bike with a bald tyre and telling them not to change the tyre, then wingeing because you fell off it in the wet on the way home.
  19. You don't know much about engines I take it.
  20. If you work in the industry could you then tell me if at least checking the fluid levels is part of a service? To me it would make sense cause then they get more work with a simple call like you brake fluid is low, which my mate woulda just said yes do it.

    The bike is still having this issue intermidently and it is irritating as it wasnt there before.

    Yes she isnt the prettiest bike but she certainly isnt a piece of shit, she has run well for years but theres always been odd things and that i have paid good money to have looked at and "fixed" that werent by this shop.
    For example its always had a heat issue, more so then other cbr250rr's and i asked them to look at it a while and they did nothing except add coolant which is something i had done, now me and some mates are taking it apart and it appears to be full of dirt and crap and very little coolant after numerous topups so we are looking for the source but why they didnt see this beats me, mustn't have wanted the money of someone that has little time to do this himself but whatever.