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what to choose

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PilotPete, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Im looking at getting my first bike, i want a bike not a my main mode of transport but as something for fun and a change from a car. There are two bikes ive had my eye on the CBR250RR and ZX-2R obvious sport bike choices for someone my age, i do want a sportsbike, not some ugly 250. I have a budget of about 5500-6000max for the bike and 1300 for full gear.

    I would like to know some other costs assosciated with a bike and hear from anyone with advice especially people who own one of these bikes
  2. I know someone who's selling a ZZR250...
  3. big difference between ZZR250 and ZXR250(ZX-2R)
  4. Yeah. Like... the zxr is waaay faster!
  5. You'll find this has been discussed to death. Costing, bike performance and bike availability etc. Use the Search tool to find a wealth of information.

    On passing I would suggest looking at the brand new Kawasaki 250 instead of the 100 year old 250 'sports' bikes.
  6. Totally agree. Most of the 2nd hand 250 sports bikes out there have been thrashed within an inch of their life and/or dropped.

    Go the new Kwaka 250 Ninja early next year. About the same $ as you want to spend and for looks, reliability and re-sale (because you WILL want to upgrade sooner or later) you won't be disappointed.

    Good luck with your purchase anyhow. Most of the fun with a new bike is the resaerch IMHO.
  7. Hasn't really been covered that well.

    What HAS been covered is a bunch of wankers saying how anyone who wants a 4cyl is stupid and we should all own ugly new VTR's, which IS wanker-ish because even if they are right, they should appreciate we don't all like the same things, it's as simple as that.

    What he asked was what are some other costs he may not have considered and hear some advice from people who HAVE owned a ZXR or CBR.

    Firstly, I'd like to throw FZR in there for you as well, as that's basically the same also. I've owned one of those, and have two FZR's in my shed at the moment I'm doing up (which I don't own).

    From my experience, rather than my having read a forum and copying what others say, I'll say they are nice to ride, sound great and very reliable. I reckon if I had another 250cc 4cyl which i did own and wanted to spend some money on, a carby service is a great idea. Do a compression test before purchase to ensure things are in good order.

    *Puts flame suit on* but it is a shame that people hate on the 4cyls so much. They are over priced, they are old, there are more 'sensible' options, but a fair few people like them and for good reason. Things are only worth what people will pay for them, so when their price is going up, they can't be too bad.
  8. Yeah, you have the budget for a cbr, zxr, fzr, and if you're lucky and rvf400 :p

    Good budget for your first gear too. Few extra costs:
    - Any rego it might need (about 100 a year)
    - Third party property (for under 25, minimum you will pay is 180 pa)
    - Third party injury (250 pa)
    - If the bike you want needs anything, eg. tyres, servicing (check to see if they have receipts of last service, and log book history - if they dont have it thats because they're either a) an idiot or b) they haven't done it, either way avoid buying it unless its a bargain, chain, sprockets, etc.
    - Transfer fee (3% of purchase price, so $180 if its a $6k bike

    If you want a high revving 'crotch rocket', you wont be satisfied with vtr, gpx, zzr, etc. etc. But don't forget its still a 250 and at the end of the day they're all 'slow' compared to 'real' bikes, and that in 95% of your riding, its skill rather than the power of the bike that will determine how fast you're going. Have fun shopping!
  9. Some good points psybic. Older Japanese sportsbikes (and sporscars) can be problematic but if it's what you want then go for it. As for the "other" costs make sure you look into insurance before buying. It's mostly likely going to be insanely high for compo which means deciding on whether you want to risk losing everything crashing an un-insured 6k bike, buying something cheaper so you've got cash spare for repairs, or getting bent over by the insurance company.
    You should also budget for the fact that the bike's most likely been neglected. Most people will at least change the oil but for best performance you should budget for a overhaul of the shocks (new oil and possibly springs) - quite likely it may need a decent carb clean and tune as well. Be wary when looking at faired 250s - it's not that hard to slap a fancy set of fairings on something that's a complete dog mechanically so be sure to look at more than just how it looks.
  10. there is a really nice australian import 98 model CBR 250 that has been abondoned (cable locked to the armco) on peats ridge road on lemmings corner? why not get a tool kit, a ute and a couple of mates? bingo! :LOL: :wink:

    yeah look, although im one of the "wankers" psybic is referring to regarding the "sensible" choice. there is alot of merit to buying a VTR250, it was one of the best bikes honda ever made. and believe me, a VTR250 can keep up with a CBR250 at speeds up to 140km/h. but if thats not your thing, and you are prepared for the initial outlay, and the enusing outlay if you bin it, by all means, get and inline 4 buzz rocket.
    the CBR250 is another bike that honda just got right. i have seen them sustain serious abuse and neglect. they can keep up with much bigger bikes, and for what they are, brilliant. hence they commanded a hefty price tag when they were sold new and still do. obviously if you can afford it an australian import is the way to go, a verifiable history, and i would think the kms less likely to be wound back. a grey import, some real bargins and some real lemons, its a bit of a lottery. obvious things to check are the condition of the brakes and clutch operation. worn brake discs are bad apples and an expensive fix.
    i dont really know much about the ZXR2 and the FZR, except that i did once see a GPX that hed a different fairing and in big letters ZX2R ninja on the side of it. so i assume some poor sod brought this pos and thought they got them selves and an I4. just be careful when buying, the motortrade can get dodgey like anything else. take a mate who knows what they are talking about.
  11. thanks for all the replies guys, i've looked at insurance and things like that and was definately leaning towards 3rd party, the fzr is also on my list but the cbr is #1, i know these bikes arent new but if i bought a new bike i would have to insure it and i would be almost too scared to ride it so that would be kinda pointless. I'm aware that most of these bikes will be thrashed to hell and back but thats what they were made for and i have the budget to get one in decent condition. i would like a 4cyl mainly for the sound and in the end i would be upgrading to one so mayswell start on one.

    i plan to test ride these bikes and probably a VTR too just to see, the rvf400 is a bit pricey and there isnt many around to choose from and not legal here yet.