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What to choose

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Cronus, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. I just got my licence today and i must say it was quite fun.
    but now the harder part comes into it and that is, which bike to choose?

    originally i was looking at cbr and zxr 250s but realised that they're almost 20 and over priced since im gonna dump them in 15 months anyway, and either way they are still just 250s.

    now i am looking at the zzr or the gsx acrosse (because i am still vain and dont really like the naked look), i have only sat on the zzr (and boy was that comfy the position is really good) i liked it and its larger size so now i want to see how the acrosse feels (and that manbag is sooo tempting, lol) so is there any reliability issues with either of these bikes and what is your opinion.

  2. Those CBR125's look great, and for $4000 i don't think you can really go too wrong, brand new bike, reliable, bit of warranty, shit all power..... screw that, get a 2 stroke!
  3. I just bought a zzr and so far I'm quite happy with it. They're supposed to be fairly bullet-proof, so here's hoping.

    It all depends on what you're after - remember that the Across is a 4 cylinder, so you'll probably have to rev it more before the power starts coming. If it's for riding to work, I'd say go for the zzr, but for anything other than that is a choice I leave to you :)
  4. Either of those are robust learners machine and both have docile forgiving nature. As for 2smoke, you need to carry or be prepared to buy oil all the time, there is nobody home until the powerband comes on, and they need a rebuild every other week, they can be a pain in city traffic, they weren't designed to be commuters.
  5. I just got off a loaner honda vtr250 and although it doesn't compare to my hornet 900, I thought for a first bike it would be really good.

    You can rev it out and it sorta takes off a bit at 5000rpms (redline at 12500rpm)

    I think they hold thier value as well.

    Not nearly as sluggish as I thought it would be.

    worth a look.

  6. Both are great bike, with no real issues. There are plenty of threads around detailing each bike if you choose to use the search mechanism. The Aussie Across has a bit over 10Hp up on the ZZR and I found the engine to be smoother on the suzi too. I loved my Across and if money wasn't an issue would still have it. Meanwhile the ZZR/GPX are also a great bike - although I cannot comment too much as I've only had half an hour on a ZZR. Either way if you find a good example of either model you'll be doing alright.
  7. One of the most sensible comments I've seen posted in a while. Could have just as much fun on a zzr or across and very user friendly.
  8. I spent 2 1/2 years on a ZZR (30k+ km's) and now Mrs Tree is riding it full-time.

    It's been a great bike, has never let us down and we often went two-up on it before I upgraded. I pulled 170km/h on it on my own and 150km/h with her on the back, so it's no slouch. It also handled the mountains without a problem, so long as I kept the rev's up to it.

    As you said, they've got a great position! We sat on all the learner bikes and found it to be the most comfortable and best looking. It's essentially the same size as the ZZR 600, just with the smaller engine and wheels and single disk on the front. People who aren't in the know don't pick 'em for 250's because of the pumped fairings.

    Best of luck with your search. Rubber-side-down!
  9. Yeah.

    Brilliant aren't they :grin: .

  10. thanks guys, all helpful, except u hat LOL :wink: yeah i think when it comes to it it will be the right bike at the right time that i buy either one sounds good, and even though the gsx has the manbag the zzr has quick clips that i can just attach a frame to so both are fine.
    well i will let you all know in a new thread which way i went and how good my first ride was

    Cheers guys :) cant wait