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What to buy???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by browny, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    I've just got back from an awesome trip via the putty/oxley and waterfall way on my gpx 250. However some of my mates on the ride were kind (or cruel) enough to let me test ride their Blackbirds :grin: :grin:

    They are an AWESOME bike!! :twisted:

    I've got a fair bit of time on my P's to g and am considering 'moving' :wink: to QLD and getting my fulls a bit earlier.

    I'm welcoming suggestions on what sort of bike to get. Bear these points in mind:

    1) I need a bike that you can have a lot of fun on in the twisties but still comfortable enough for long distance rides (the last one I did was 1800klms!!).
    2) A comfortable as possible pillion seat for my girlfriend (so I don't get the complaining - or at least not much complaining)
    3) Price range $5 - $10K max
    4) low k's - of course.

    I have now ridden the following road bikes:

    95' GPX 250
    02' ZZR 250
    07' R1
    03' Black Bird
    02' Black bird
    My old mans Vulcan 900 (no way)

    I like the birds for comfort and a heap of power and the R1 whilst fun would be pretty uncomfortable long distance.

    I also don't mind the look of the ZX9r

    All comments & suggestions welcome
  2. r6??? blue one is on sale for 12k
  3. what are they like long distance??? Comfort wise.

    I haven't had a change to have a crack at any 600's. I like the look of the cbr 600f4i as well.
  4. Some lube for when they find out you've held a full time job in Sydney for years :LOL:

    Oh, and a green ZX6R :twisted:
  5. I'm moving!! :-$ :cheeky:
  6. Yeah :grin:



  7. i personally find crouch position is more comfortable
  8. Browny, I said you can try out my hornet 900 sometime.

    It excels in all of the above and you can get new with 2 year warranty fo $10 990 ride away and insurance for about $500

    But we all know, ya just don't wanna be naked :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Jeff, none of us want Browny to be naked :cry:
  10. Browny!
    CBR600F, performs like an RR (may loose a few 10ths on the track), more comfortable and good low kms ones are out there for lowish $$$. You have the added bonus of already having sat on mine.
  11. I think you have ridden your answer already.

    R6? What a joke. One of the smallest and most cramped rides you can get, and the pillion seat hahahaha what pillion seat, same goes for the zx6r.

    I seriously think you should try a zx9R 2001/2 no earlier. Try a zx12R, maybe even a bus. But all these little rice burner 600cc things will leave you cramped, leave the girl complaining like the world is ending, and wanting for more power.

    A bird can be had for very good value $$ wise, and it's a Honda, enough said about reliability right there.

    Power..Check and double checked - That'll be $3 please.
    Pillion seat..Check
    Reliability..Check and double check
    Fuel range..Check
    Luggage carrying ability..Check
    Price range..Check

    Do you need any more convincing??
  12. Browny,

    by all account these things are great for all those things you're after...and its a triple....there are fantastic deals on these things at the moment (no jokes):cool:


    Plus I wouldn't mind a blat :grin: :grin:
  13. ZX9R. My girlfriend probably spent 10,000km on the back of mine with little complaint. Certainly a lot friendlier for a pillion than my Tuono. :LOL:

    It's also quite good for long rides. I've done a couple of 600km+ rides on it without too much trouble. Mine is in our For Sale forums at the moment, 2002 model. As a Netrider, you're entitled to a bit of a discount! :wink:

    The Trumpy is also worth a look. Pegs are a little lower so not so good if you wanna go hard, but otherwise a great all-rounder. R6/ZX6 would be too harsh for a pillion and long-distance riding, IMO.
  14. Have a look above at your comments.......I think you know in your heart you may have already decided :wink:

    Maybe price range could be lifted a bit tho.

  15. Dear Browny,

    Sorry I took the piss earlier. I'm sure you'll be fine riding around on a QLD licence in QLD. I hear it's nice and warm in Cairns, though Mt. Isa has a higher count of hookers per capita. If you move to the Gold Coast I'd like to visit during Indy, please have cold Coopers Red in the fridge.

    I also recommend you buy a Blackbird, even though its a run out model and Mr. Honda has something new in store...I'm also certain that you should buy a bike immediately, that will allow you to pillion your Mrs after that whole 12 months of holding your QRide-attained licence as required.

    You're a card,

  16. ZX9r, VFR800?

    Lucky bastard, if only I'd had my license for longer..
  17. You, Mr 'whats a Kill switch?!?!?!' are a smart ass :twisted: :roll: :roll:
  18. OI,
    What's wrong with Mt Isa hey??

    I like living there..... :wink:
  19. Ya know, if you actually lived in Qld, you could pick up one of the 5 Blackbirds for sale in Ipswich, and ride Splityard Creek, to Esk, to Toogoolawah and back every weekend because it never rains!!

    Queensland Beautiful one day, Perfect the Next!
  20. "You cut me deep just now Shrek...." :cry: