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what to buy

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sez, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. im looking at buying a bike in the next few months and while having a fair idea what bike im after i know nothing about the type of gear and brands there are around. im 20 and female so im looking for some nice well fitting gear thats also safe. if you have any suggestions please let me know.

  2. I'm thinking tight leather.
    Let me know if you need help trying it on.
  3. haha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. yeah will do hond@
    thanks for your helpfull thoughts
  5. Heh, if you want intelligent replies you might have to provide more information about what it is you have in mind - leather or textile, what kind of riding do you intend to do: touring, commuting, sport?

    The best suggestion I can offer is have a look at websites of some places selling gear such as http://www.bikebiz.com.au/shop/enter.html or http://www.mcas.com.au/_new_main.php , and you'll find items like jackets and pants have sections for men and women. This will give you some idea about brands and prices...
  6. Sez the best suggestion I can give you is to go to a couple of bike accessory stores and ask for their suggestions and help. You will need to work out what sort of budget you have to spend on gear, and then you can try on lots of different styles to see what will suit you.
  7. And you also have to give us details on what you intend to ride. This will influence your gear as well.

    And photos will help :p
  8. Oh, and welcome to the forums. May your experiences be entertaining, useful, informative, polite, sensitive to your politcal and ethical sensibilities and in a language that you can understand.

  9. Hey Sez,

    I was at Bike Mart earlier this year looking at Summer weight gear and one of the options and catalogues they gave me was Ixon.
    It seems to have some flattering designs for ladies. Worth a look.

    HTH. :)
  10. The singlet and thongs are a good choice for some... But seriously, check out some online gear and look for things that appeal to you, and then go to a shop and try them on. Try dryrider gear as a start... They seem to be a favourite!
  11. im looking at buying a kawasaki gpx 250 or maybe a suzuki g something 250 but the gpx is my fav, hopefully a black and green one. i have a leather jacket that was my dads which is ok but im also looking for a textile jacket thats a little lighter to wear. also boots gloves. i was in a clearence store today with dad as he is also looking at buying new gear and i noticed how much choice there is and how much its mainly aimed at men
    hope that helps
    also does anyone know of any good suppliers in melb?
  12. good that your old man is helping you get into it :grin: sounds like a top bloke....

    have a look at www.rmgear.com.au i dunno if it'll be much help to you if you're after REALLY girly stuff, but still worth a look. definately save a few bucks going there if you like the styles.
  13. It's true there is a bigger selection for men, but also a lot of this stuff is unisex - for example I'm just looking at Dririder catalogue, there is a female model wearing their Dri-Mesh jacket... it looks fine on her, no problem at all.
    Also, add a pair of pants to your shopping list - very important! You definitely want some more protection on your legs than your regular pants. At least get a pair of kevlar reinforced jeans like Draggin or Hornee (both of which have women styles as well).
  14. yeah dads a great bloke gets on my nerves but im sure most dads do sometimes. im not a real girly girl but im thinking the girl style would fit nicer and safer than the guys range. pants are on my list cb250goespop but funds aren't quite there yet
    im hoping to spend about 1000-1500 on all items and hopefully get a winter and summer jacket out of that so we will see what happens and i still have to find some funds for insureance
  15. Tiger angel make some sweet leathers for chicks. Take a look at one of the other members on a bike not so different from the GPX in tiger angel leathers. IE Tara Moss.

    They may be out of your price range.

    There are plenty of stores around melbourne for gear. Heaps down Elizabeth st, bikemart in Ringwood. RM Gear and Motorcycle accessories are both online. And underdog leathers. See there's heaps. Just check it out and you'll find something. Just get what you like, i've tried to buy a chicks pair of skate shoes once, but they didn't have my size. :p
  16. ok thanks for that conny i have seen a few of the tiger angel range but it does look a little expensive ill get down to bikemart asap and check out the gear in there as i live in belgrave so its quite close.
  17. I bought an Ixon ladies jacket last month. It's pretty comfy and looks alright too. I tried on mens jackets but they were too big in the shoulders etc, they were perfect in arm length. Nearly all the ladies jackets were too short in the arms, I must be part Gorilla. :shock: For $225 it has a removable winter liner, depending on what state you live in you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. :wink:
  18. ixon does look good i guess its just a matter of finding the good shops and sales people and trying everything on. time consuming but ill prob get the best fit and feel in the end.
    does anyone have preferences on gloves most i have tried on seem really thick in t he palm area and don't give me much feel
  19. I was looking at Teddee's gloves the other day at the National Ducati Rally in Beechworth and noted that they were a ladies version of my gloves made by Spidi, a high quality Italian glove. :)
    I have a set in Race/Track style and another wet weather-touring style.
  20. Sez, Welcome to Netrider. I am with G on the subject Spidi gloves, mine are race/track gloves (guy's gloves, size small - I have very long hands but small palm size) and I bought them because they offer the best feel with the best protection. I have previously owned two pairs of Alpine Star and one pair of Kushitani. The Alpine Stars are dead, stitching gave way on the thumbs on both pairs. The Kushitani's are still usable and I keep them as spares and take them touring but the dye does come out of them when they get wet, incidentally the Kushitani's are older than both sets of dead Alpine Stars. My solution to rain is to buy cheap washing up gloves and put them over the top of the leather ones, looks odd works brilliantly. But no matter, when you are learning feel is everything, so I would suggest buying thinner gloves with good protection. In the winter I put on a pair of silk inner gloves and they make a remarkable difference. I think the best thing to do is visit a store that sells gloves and bikes, then try on gloves and sit on a bike and try and operate the controls - you will then work out which pair works best.

    As for the rest of the gear, mine was always a compromise until I bought Tiger Angel, which had to be custom made. Guy's jackets were always too big, but the sleeve length was good, Girl's jackets are always too short in the arms. So I had to settle for a Small Guy's jacket, which now hangs in the cupboard and never gets worn.

    I would seriously recommend you shopped for a pair of reinforced jeans at least. You want the best protection you can get.