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What to Buy Up to $30K?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Womble, May 5, 2013.

  1. Howdy folks.
    It's time to buy a new bike and I am useless at making decisions.

    I've got 30+ years riding experience and my recent bikes have been a 2010 Er6N, 2011 Z1000, 2012 M109R - previous bikes range from YPVS350LC, RG250, RG500, GSX750r, R80 etc.

    I'm sorely tempted by the ZX14R or the BMW K1300R but am looking for left field suggestions.

    I normally do about 20,000 - 25,000K per year which is a mix of commuting, weekend warrior and longer (4 day) rides.

    Budget is up to $30K not including options, I have a preference for shaft drive, grunt, and engineering quality.

    I'm done with cruisers for the time being as my current M109r is better for me than 95% of other cruisers out there IMO.

    I only have room to store one bike.

    What do you suggest?

    *NB Not interested in Harleys or Ducati's
  2. want to buy a hug? 30k, take it or leave it
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  3. 2013 BMW S1000RR HP4

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  4. Do I get "extra's?"
  5. Until I read done with cruisers and no ducatis was going to suggest Ducati diavel.


    Easy buy a street triple. You could buy two for $30k.
  6. Sorry, I should have mentioned my fcuked back (broken neck and I'm carrying numerous other injuries from a life of martial arts and power lifting).

    Also the SS is chain drive but it IS a bloody lovely bike.
  7. Good suggestions there, but the M109 does 80% of what the Diavel does and having sat on one this weekend at Frasers the seating position was still a bot too much for my tail bone.

    Striple was considered and rejected when I had a Z1000.

    Did I mention I'm a fussy bastid?
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  9. Yeah, we think alike, if you look at the "pics from your ride" thread from about a month ago you'll see a post from @Siwagod of me on a K1300s I had for the weekend, I loved it apart from the fact that it ruined me for 3 days after commuting to work.

    The twisties were fine (200K's) but the 30K commute was hell.
  10. BMW R1200GS (the new version).
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  11. Triumph tiger 1050. Apparently very good all rounder
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  12. Yeah, that's exactly where I'm at - hence, me putting up this thread.

    I'm fighting the obvious choice though.

    My Mrs. hated the Z1000 (wouldn't get on the back of it) and has been on the M109 twice (the screaming was too much to bear after 5 minutes).

    She looked at the 2013 GS and said "that's the bike I want you to have"

    At the moment it's the ZX14r (my choice) or the R1200GS (her choice) and before anyone has a pop at me - she's 10 years younger than me, 34DD and earns 3 times the $$'s than I do.
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    BMW Megamoto.


    But not available brand new, not sure if that is a requirement.
  14. If I had to bet on anyone coming up with something I'd not considered it would be you VC, thank you for chiming in, second hand is not an issue, thank you.
  15. well upon reading my ms's what you'd written about your choice and the ms's choice blurb ....she says "well he's obviously already punching above his weight an should pick the bike she wants to keep her happy"

    but she's female...don't mind her mate, they all stick together.
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  16. Your wife speaks the truth, my friend. Most people, on meeting my Mrs, turn to me and ask "how did YOU manage to hook HER?".

    I just tell them I'm huge.
  17. Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE?
    Not a lot of grunt though.
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  18. Maybe she just loves a bald angry man........

    Better not take her to see angry Anderson live in concert.... :eek:
  19. Or the Stelvio, if adventure bike is appealing.
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  20. + 1 Stelvio, Super tenere, v max?

    All shaft drive