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What to buy next?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Vineyard Performance Team, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. I've bought my bike, and still to do some more shopping, Bike comes with it's protective cover. Just wanted advice as in what else I need to buy, best brand and where in Vic - anything I have missed?

    I have the jacket, gloves, helmet and boots.

    Pants are next on the list,
    unsure whether to get full leathers as well.
    What else do I need for the bike?
    Best backpack or panniers/topbox?
    any specific locks?

    Any advice/suggestions would be welcome!

  2. Got a centre stand on the bike? If not, a rear stand will help with maintenance chain cleaning and lube.
  3. GOOD lock .
    Tyre repair kit is a good idea.
  4. OK, well first of all, in the forum's stripped-down status, we don't even know what sort of bike you have. So start by telling us that and give us something to go on.

    Secondly, decide on whether you need accessories for the bike, or for you. Ventura is the most-recognised rack/bag brand, and Draggin or Hornee the most recognised kevlar jeans brands....

    and so it goes on, information will lead to quality advice :)
  5. Yeah, please tell us what you are going to be doing with the bike as well.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Brought a Honda VTR250 2003, 4'800ks, never been dropped, black.

    Will be using it to commute to and from work during the summer months as well as rides around the country side until I get off the bike L's. Have secure undercover free parking at work.

    I used to be a pillion rider, then ditched the ex, miss the bike rides so went out and brought my own!

    I just want to ensure I have all the right equipment etc for the bike (best maintenance gear etc etc) and for me with commuting to work (ie backpacks/stands/panniers/best leathers). I'm reading the mags, but not much in terms of the best stuff to get etc etc.

    All help is appreciated!
  7. About all you really need for the next 12-15 months that you will use heaps would be a rack and bag and maybe a rear stand. Don't go too crazy on the 250, save your dollars for the next bike or stuff you will keep (eg. leathers, boots etc.)
  8. Thank you Ashes for your help!

    Can you recommend a good rack/bag/rear stand?

    I'm not after the most visible brand arounf unless it's the best quality that has stood the test of time so to speak?

    I'm a big believer in the saying you get what you pay for so I want to ensure I get the best products that will last and not fall apart!

    Thank you to those who have contacted me with suggestions!
  9. Not sure about the stand, but Ventura is probably your best bet for a rack and bag. They're not cheap though, you'll be looking at around $300-350 for the rack/bag kit.

  10. You should be able to land a Ventura rack/bag for $275-$300 fitted if you're having a good day. $300-$350 is the typical going rate though. I've got the Ventura rack/bag on the back of my VTR and get a lot of use out of it. My bag is 35L and it fits a laptop computer, shoes and not much else.

    I'm on the lookout for a rear stand as well (ideally an adjustable one so when I upgrade I can use it on my new bike) so I'll be watching this thread.