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What to buy interphone F5 - smh10 or a G9??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jamo, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. I think im lost in intercom world and cant decied on what to get ](*,)
    any advise would help

  2. I have a Scala Rider G4 and it's brilliant.....
    I've heard good things about the Sena.
    Can't comment on the Interphone.
  3. interphone 5

    called ian while he was riding my noisy loud motard with a full system and he had his visor up and I could barely hear any back ground noise from the bike - it was very clear
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  4. SENA SMH-10 - It has been flawless in every aspect and the battery life is amazing - get several days of medium/heavy use out of it (music/intercom/phone calls)
  5. The SMH 10 is the way to go. I can back up the battery life claims, it beats the hell out of my old Interphone F4
  6. I've had both the interfone f5 and scala g4 and there's not a lot of difference in them as far as I can tell.

    The scala has an fm radio function which is nice sometimes.

    For noise reduction they're both pretty much as good as each other, I've taken calls at over 150 (allegedly) and the person at the other end couldn't hear the bike at all (on a Ducati with termi pipes)!

    Can't comment on the Sena but either of the others are good bits of gear.
  7. Thanks guys I'm still a bit confused but i guess ill just have to bite the bullet and buy one and find out
  8. What about in terms of user friendliness to operate? I've been contemplating an intercom for music and phone calls for a while now, curious to know what people find easier to operate? I assume all of them require mounting controls on the exterior of the helmet?
  9. Im currently considering this too. There's a review on Revzilla (www.revzilla.com) that might help. I'm leaning towards the Scala G9 at present. My main use would be GPS, then other riders/pillion, then phone.
  10. if anyone is interested in any of the interphone or sena range, message me. Good deals available to members :)
  11. I guess it comes down to compatibility with other riders. But if you just want it for personal music and phone use, I don't think G9 is worth the extra $80.
  12. Also, reading the web bike world reviews, it sounds like G9 is just an updated G4, where as the F5 is like the next generation.

    Ok, reviews can be subjective, but I think they know a bit what they are talking about.
  13. I am just about to move to the F5s, new pair arrived today and set up tonight, from original F? and later F4. Backwards compatibility sold me on continuing with the F5, and multiple "conference call" intercom for up to 6 riders convinced me.

    My position is having 3 Interfones already, so that also heavily influenced my decision.
  14. Glad to hear they arrived in time for you Gary :)
  15. I currently have an F4 and am thinking about upgrading to the F5

    Garry H and I go on a few rides together and have had no problems talking to eachother.

    But now our group has gotten a little bigger its time to upgrade so we can all talk..so have started to look at the F5 seems like a good product
  16. I went with the sena. Can talk to the missus on her bike up to 1 km away, but drops out when there are hills in the way. Bluetooth to the phone allows for voice activated calling. Push the button on the headset, say the name, call happens. Bluetooth for music from the phone also. Phone calls interrupt music etc. I find the controls really easy to use with gloves, and would recommend it to anyone.
  17. Yeah thanks, got to use one today, works fine except I managed to reject instead of answer call from the wife....oops.

  18. We currently have Interphone F4 and have had problems with the connection mini USB, so want to upgrade, the Sena 10 sounds good and hoping a little easier to use than the F4.

    Best place to purchase?
  19. If anyone is after either the sena smh10 or interphone f5, and find a better advertised price, we will bet it.
  20. I too have a Sena SMH10. I can't speak for the others as I got this for compatibility with my mates.
    It works beautifully.