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What to Buy for a Street triple 660/675/R?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by wideone3, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Recently purchased myself a brand new street triple 660 and obviously would like to bling it up a bit. Ive already added some nice extras e.g. Flyscreen and Belly Pan, But am looking at getting a few other extras. Been looking at Fender eliminator however the stock Fender on the 2016 model is quite neat and small. Was looking at things such as Ram phone mount, Heated grips, Arrow exhaust, New shorty levers, bar end mirrors, tank grip or some touring like accessories. Anyone got a street triple and have any accessories they would recommend or have any of the above and would suggest it as first priority. Obviously over time i'd like to get all this kinda stuff but thats exactly what its gonna take, Time, and I'm sure theres some things that have a much better result than others.
    Sorry if this seems like a silly thread as i know its all about personal preference I've just been looking everywhere at different accessories and there are simply too many out there that i haven't seen or looked at. If you do know any good suggestions, Maybe a specific make. E.g. i know some heated grips are better than others.
    Cheers everyone

  2. I'd probably throw some money at crash protection first (oggie knobs / evotech crash bobbins), if you haven't already, to make the inevitable first drop cheaper.
    My favourite accessories are probably:
    - The "Triumph Bar End Mirrors", as the stock mirrors (on the 2014 at least) do not adjust very much and make the bike a bit wider. Until I got these I had to do the mirror dance to see anything behind me
    - Heated grips, I have Oxford but Triumph have their own for not much more. I can't compare the two, but the Oxford ones are great

    What I'd probably get for the bike (decking my gear out at the moment), if I had a pile of money:
    - Tank grip
    - Different levers. Not sure which, not even sure what I want from that, just stock feel a little flimsy
    - Some kind of luggage, preferably something big enough to hold my gear so it's not such a shambles when I go somewhere

    I'm not a huge bling guy though. Exhaust is fine, appearance is fine. I just want functional things.
    Phone mount would be cool, but I'm not sure how that goes with my restrictions.
  3. Oh, another for my "favourite" list, tank bag. I don't really like how my current one attaches, "Oxford first time magnetic", but it's functionality is great.. I put all of my "quick access" stuff in the side zipped pockets and they're easy to grab even with gloves on.

    The problem with the "Oxford first time magnetic" bag is how it clips to the bike.. just on the steering column, then the magnets hold the body in place. I've had it get stuck under the handle bars.. and I'm always paranoid it's going to catch and lock my steering somehow.
    Before this I had some shitty ebay thing, it only had magnets, and held perfectly fine even at fast speeds (120+) and fast corners. The zips on it weren't amazing though.

    I've seen some big brand name bags with magnets only to attach, but they were pricey ($200), I'd probably go those or a proper strap on bag if I was shopping again.
  4. Dunno if this still works for current Striples, but the first thing I did to my early model one was get Daytona foot peg assemblies fitted in place of the standard ones.

    Being about an inch higher, they let me corner with much less boot scraping.
  5. Cheers for the great response. Yeah i forgot to mention i purchased the protection pack with the bike which pretty much had engine casing, Sliders/frame protectors and fork protectors. Yeah I've heard the stock mirrors aren't great. I have yet to ride the bike as I'm currently overseas and planning on picking up the bike somewhen in the next week so will have to see how i go with those. Heated grips will also be great as I'm planning a trip with dad somewhere up/down the coast and they would be nice in cold weather. I heard good things about the oxford grips and I'm sure the triumphs are just as good so i guess its down to fitment. Tank grip ill probably end up finding cheap somewhere and when that happens ill buy it. The tank bag is also a thing i didn't really think of and now you mention it, Would be great to have. Ill have a look around on eBay and triumph sites. Things like levers and Ram mounts will end up being last i expect as the stock levers although they might not be as good will do for the time being. Ill go on a eBay search right now and narrow down the search a little. Cheers for all the advice, i really appreciate it
  6. Scraping in corners? im not sure ill be out attacking the corners that soon but will see if i come across that problem when i get a bit more used to the bike. Ill definitely look into it.
    Thanksss :p
  7. Oxford grips are good so far as the actual heated bit goes, the controller is notoriously unreliable. This is easily remedied with some cheap electronics though so don't be put off.
  8. I have a 2015 triple and am really happy with the following mods:

    * Rizoma 4D mirrors. Expensive, but look great on the triple and provide outstanding visibility.
    * Radianz LED strips along the seat line to provide more indicators. Very bright and look like a factory job. Probably not legal.
    * Evotech tail tidy. I almost bought the aussie mustard one but glad I spent the extra $$$ on the evotech. It's great quality and hides the cables.
    * HP corse hydroform pipe. Only had this for a few weeks and love it. Looks good and sounds great.
    * RAM mount in the center steering shaft

    I also have a tank bag but rarely use it - very bulky.

    I'll eventually post some photos...

    I am currently looking for

    * A nice hugger, but have been holding off because I think they are a rip-off. I will buy secondhand if I can spot one.
    * A good biking backpack. I like the fastener on the Kriega R25, but am wavering on capacity/price.
  9. I've bought my second Street Triple recently - I previously had the older model (with round headlights) when I lived overseas and have bought a 2015 one here.

    I had tons of mods on my old street triple, everything from lightbulb changes to new dual exhausts and rear shock. Best and easiest mod is changing the levers - stock ones just look cheap.
    I put a set of shorty pazzos on my old Street.
    Managed to pick up a second hand Triumph shorty pair from net-rider for my new street - both sets are similar quality but I like triumph set more - the triumph logo and the red and black colour goes with my bike.

    Another easy mod was putting a Speed triple throttle grip on the Street . On the old Street the throw was so long that, to fully open it up, you had to walk the throttle grip. Speed triple grip has a shorter throw.
    Not noticed the throw is as long on my new street, they might have fixed this. But it was only something I'd notice on a track day.

    Other mods that I can think of:
    Scottoilers are good - some people love them and some people hate them though.
    Triumph LED Indicators - I got a set thrown in with my bike - really good quality. Much better than stock.
    Tail tidy - the OEM is huuuge - I put an aftermarket one on both of my bikes - really cleans up the back end - if you remove the rear pillion pegs from the new model it looks even better.

    Mods I wouldn't do again:
    Aftermarket exhaust - generally these just move power around, they don't add horsepower - plus you lose that awesome induction sound (it gets muffled by loud exhausts). I do miss the gurgle/ pop on over-run that I got from my old exhausts though.
    Aftermarket suspension - very expensive and the more adjustments you have available the more confusing it gets. I ended up fiddling with settings for about a month then just left it. Suspension settings are a black art to me.
    Radiator guards - usually a pain to fit. You end up using cable ties to hold the things in place.

    Those are the main mods I can think of.

    Enjoy your modding - it's an expensive hobby.

  10. Apologies for the thread hijack - I've got a Kriega R30 for sale. It has the same fastener system as the R25 with more capacity.

    Link to the ad: [NSW] - Kriega R30 Backpack

    I've also got a for sale ad up for a Kriega luggage set - if anyone is interested. I used it on my old street triple so I can vouch that it works well with both the old dual high exhausts and the new low exhaust. [NSW] - Kriega Luggage System

    Hijack over.
  11. Thanks all. Yeah my main mods I'm aiming for next will be new mirrors as the right hand stock one is pretty much useless to me at the moment (can't seem to get it right at all).
    Then ill grab a pair of shorty levers probably cheaper ones from eBay
    Not sure about the tail tidy, it would look good but my fender isn't massively wide. The new 2016 models (mine) has the connecting bit being only 1-2cm max so its relatively neat already and not sure if the $150 is worth it.
    Then finally Exhaust. I like the note of the stock but I'm not sure whether i want it louder and have some crackles or just leave it stock and put that $800 towards my next bike.
  12. Guys where is everyone buying their accessories from? Im looking to get a flyscreen, bellypan, exhaust for a 15' Street triple R and the only website I can find is the genuine ozzy Triumph one. $300 odd for a flyscreen, bellypan etc is pretty steep, anyone found any websites selling this sort of gear cheaper? Cheers
  13. Unless you go onto ebay and buy like carbon belly pan or flyscreen your looking at genuine oem pricing. But all the other stuff you can buy separate. Exhausts just search 'street triple r 2013 exhausts' as anything from 2013 onwards will fit. I got mine from America via ebay (competition werkes)
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  14. Insurance!
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    For genuine OEM bits look for Jack Lilley in the UK.

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  16. Quickshifter
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  17. I'm a bit pragmatic and I'll I've got are heated handgrips and a radiator guard. Next money I spend will be on a suspension upgrade.
    Not sure if you need a quickshifter for the road. It does over 100kph in first.
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    Back when I had my Street Triple, I bought a Penske rear shock and spring set-up from a mob in the US.

    It worked absolutely great, and was also vastly lighter than the original Triumph shockie.

    But <sigh> that was back in the days of the Ozzie dollar being there or thereabouts with the yank one.

    FWIW, I got the shock from http://www.motocd.com/