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What time's the race on Ten???

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by gypsyvtr, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Help me someone!! [-o<

    Accidentally recycled my tv guide, and I'm at the mercy of the evil network Ten for my Motogp addiction (who's website totally sucks and won't tell me anyhting).....so, can anyone tell me when and what time I have to stay up til to watch our boys annihiliate Hayden on his own turf!!!

    Ta.... :grin:
  2. 7 AM MONDAY!!!!


    thanks for that jd
  3. Channel Ten is showing the race LIVE?
  4. It would appear so. Race starts at 2pm local time. That's 7am our time.

    But then I think Ten always shows the MotoGP live, but plays "delayed" telecasts of the 125s and 250s.

    Fox Sports Two's coverage starts at 6.30am.

    Big weekend for racing. WSBs on FS3 that night then MotoGP next morning. And if you're into slot car racing, there's the "touring" cars at QLD Raceway this weekend...
  5. You sure about that?? on the odd occasion I channel surf during the ad breaks while watching the Moto GP on Foxtel I haven't noticed Ch10 showing any bike races.

    Remember Ch10 is famous for being the "Home of delayed motorsports" :LOL:
  6. +1, ch10 rarely(if ever) show MotoGP live.
  7. OK, I'll rephrase it then. The times that I've watched it on Ten, it appears to be have been shown live, followed by delayed 125s and 250s.

    I mostly watch it on Fox Sports so I can't really comment on "all the time", just when I've seen it on Ten.

    Oh, Fox Sports doesn't have ad breaks except in between races.
  8. 125cc and 250cc are not running at Laguna. What are Ten going to show in their spot or they are not going to show anything? The AMA Superbike round is on, on the same day maybe they will show that race instead of the 250cc race?