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what time is it ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GN250, Aug 15, 2005.

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    do you wear a watch while riding your motorbike, or do you have a clock fitted? I would like to fit a cheap weatherproof clock on my bike, maybe clip it on to bars or fix with velcro. anyone got a sensible ( if possible !) suggestion ?

  2. I raised the same issue over knowing the time exactly when passing through school zones and marty (I think it was) said to glue a small digital watch to the top of the fork crown; obviously he or some of the other guys have done that, I'm doing it this week. If it gets wet and dies, they're as cheap as chips to replace.
  3. Rather than glue, maybe use velcro. Makes it a bit easier if you need to change watch batteries!

    I bought a small digital clock (with a nice big readout) and velcro'ed it to the inside of the Across fairing. Unfortunately I've since discovered the limits of its waterproofing... :cry:
  4. I'm lucky. The VFR has an onboard clock that is lit at night time too. Keeps very accurate time as well.
  5. are you therefore suggesting that I should buy a VFR so I can tell the time???
  6. Option 1. Get a cycle speedo. My VDO unit inclused a clock.

    My bike has a clock, but other advantages include a reliable speed reading (also handy around school zones) a second trip meter (so I can use the main one to measure distance since last fuel and use the cycle speedo when navigating by distance. I reset the odometer on the cycle speedo whenever I change the oil.

    Option 2: D1ck Smith (and lots of cheaper outlets) sell cheap LCD clocks that come with a plastic holder. On my old bike, I had the holder glued to a suitable place on the instrument cluster and simply slipped the clock in my jacket pocket when I parked. Rain wasn't a problem, because when it rained, I left the clock in my pocket.

    I've seen bikes with a small, cheap digital watch velcroed to the fork top.

    But the cycle speedo is the best option.
  7. Use the master cylinder as a sundail.

    At night use the stars

  8. Won't this entail taking one's eyes of the road for prolonged periods of time, thereby being just a tad unsafe?? :LOL:
  9. I bought a cheap plastic watch with a big face/numbers that just is on the handlebars. Works good for me :)
  10. I've been thinking about this problem as well!

    I've got a old digital watch which is waterproof (so it says) and I reckon it would be perfect for the bike. I would like it to be pretty easy to get off but not get vibrated off from general riding. Would those little round velcro spots with a sticky side be ok or should I use super glue or something like that?

    It will be nice to know the time again because with all my gear on I can't check my watch and staring at the sun makes my eyes water. :D
  11. Like Rc , the bird has a digital clock . I know exactly what time im going to get in trouble when i get home :D
  12. The only way to go is to terrorise cagers. Knock on their windows with dark tinted visors. They'll tentatively inch their windows down, look at you apprehensively and cautious "Yes?".

    Flick your visor up, ask them politely for the time, thank them then be on your merry way. :twisted:
  13. fling, you are a shocker!! Just thinking, if you lane split and do this to the first person in the queue, you can find out the time, distract the car driver at the same time and be gone before anyone can recover!!!
  14. Actually this used to be how I told the time on the SR-250 (no speedo let alone clock :LOL:) - i'd pull up next to a car and glance in at the digital clock on the dash. Worked quite well.
  15. AHA, so NOW the truth about Dan's interest in speed comes out...... :LOL:
  16. Yeah that's how I do mine occasionally too. Then I switched to asking them cause I find it much more satisfying when you get a very nervous "Yes?" from cagers 8)
  17. I us'ta have a cheapo big screen watch strapped around my left mirror arm, handy for when I was in a hurry, had a date or entered a restricted time adjusted speed zone. Now i dont care. Just cover the numberplate and go hard. :shock:
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    thanks for the suggestions ( nearly all sensible !) I'll visit d1ck smiths.
  19. You are quite right naming the VFR as the ultimate bike... as it is one of the fiew bikes with built in iluminated digital clock...

    V! F! R! go go go!
  20. I had no problems, the bike could not break ANY speed limit in the country, even the residential ones. :LOL: