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what time is it? ...upgrade o'clock! (slyfox's new ride :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slyfox, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. here she is:


    one last thing.. it goes like a bloody rocket!

    :woot: \:D/ :beer: :beer: :tantrum: :dance: :music: :woot:

  2. :woot: Congratulations on the new ride
    I'm kicking myself for not going to uni today and seeing it in the flesh :(

    It sounds like you picked up the bargin of the year :)
  3. mate hot looking ride you have there, congrats on a top buy
  4. your such a nerd....

    congrats :p it looks frekin awesome...
    I <3 it :) glad it checked out ok!!!

    heh, hows that guy you sold the zzr to going :rofl:
  5. congrats on the bargain and nice looking bike. :grin:


  6. Nice bike! What sorta power figures does it produce?
  7. Holy Shite!!! What the #$@? What a bargain, quick tell me the site before I get my new ZED 1000 on wednesday. Hot diggity. Enjoy, u will LOVE the ZED's they are rockets, and yet great everyday handling, rideability.
    Bet u cant get the smile off ur dial... :grin:
    We should go for a ride! :grin: We'll both look like cheesy idiots with the grins on our faces :LOL:
  8. thanks for the well wishes guys! :)

    scottatron here is a dyno of the Z750, the bike on the dyno i believe is slightly modified but you get the idea, 110 horsepower, but the important and fun thing is that the torque kicks in so insanly low, so it pulls hard from right down the bottom of the rev range, mmmmmm tasty! =P~


    queenankly, it was a private sale, the guy bought it and his wife cracked the sads as he already had 3 bikes, poor bloke.
  9. Top bike, Top colour, Kawa's always look good in blue.. :grin:


  10. Nice pick-up :grin:
  11. Gotta LUV a grunty naked, congrats man.... :grin:
  12. thats sweeeeet. nothing like getting your first big bike. fun fun fun.
  13. Damn, if I'd seen a zed like that with that sort of price on it, I'd have jumped on it so fast I would have left my pants behind.

  14. Nice pickup! Like the bodywork around the headlight as well. Looks the goods. :)
  15. Congrats on the new bike Slyfox :grin:
  16. Nice, love that blue colour and the mini-fairing. Congrats slyfox. :applause:
  17. Is Kwaka, is good, yes.. I'm biased . . . .
  18. say, that's a nice bike. congrats on finding such a bargain 98 on the odo? WTF? Showroom second?

    purrrrdeeeee... (homer style drool)
  19. Nice bike at a very nice price.
  20. ooo shiny. nice bike dude.