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What threats concern you the most?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Other vehicles (cars, trucks, buses...)

  2. Animals (kangaroos, wombats, dogs...)

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  3. Pedestrians, joggers, cyclists

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  4. Road conditions (potholes, gravel, oil...)

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  5. Mechanical failure (blowout, seized engine, broken chain...)

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  1. I actually saw this poll on an overseas bike forum. I thought it would be interesting to see how our results compare with theirs.

    Many riders take the view that if you ride, one day (or more than one!) you'll come off your bike.

    So - what threats concern you the most?

    For me it's other vehicles, the classic right-turning SMIDSY.
  2. Governments, legislation and do-gooders :evil:

    Sorry - road conditions would be near the top of my list.
  3. for me i worry about other vehicles mostly, probably because they're somewhat unpredictable, but road conditions come a close second... can i vote for 2?????
  4. Tough call, and really depends on where/how I'm riding. Other drivers do concern me (a lot) but they're often something you can react to - having something fall off or fail on the bike is a lot harder to anticipate or react to, and usually likely to occur at the worst possible time.
  5. I'v just done a quick poll of my past broken bones, and the result is;

    1. bloody car, 2. bloody car, 3. bloody car, 4. bloody car, 5. bloody car, 6. bloody car, 7. bloody car.

    Case closed as far as I'm concerned.....

  6. :LOL:

    I'm with you Ezy!
  7. Other vehicles, specially soccer mums in 4WD's :evil:

    And Idiots who wont clear the frost off their cars, idiots who edge out of intersections & galahs on the side of the road.
  8. When a girl says..... "I'm gonna suck it until it falls off"..... I assume she's talking about m&m's hard outer shell.. :? ..... I'm usually proven incorrect in my assumption though. :wink:
  9. mine is more specific !

    Riding across a traffic light intersection and having a vehicle running a red ! :eek:

    Thats my biggest fear when riding !!

  10. Soccer mums????????????
    Which country are we in again?
  11. Ozklahoma?
  12. Auskick mums?
  13. cars and trucks are my fear,
  14. Whats wrong with Soccer??? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  15. Livin' in the past, dude. More kids play soccer than Aussie rules these days (True!).
  16. Definitly the big bastard trucks on the Monash Freeway :eek:hno:
  17. Smee is old so can be forgiven... & yes more kids in Australia play Soccer than that Aussie Rules stuff.... It's only in Melbourne that AFL is played more.... but not for long. :wink: :wink:

    Soccer is a great game and with all this hype of Auatralia in the world cup, will only encourage more kid's to play... which is a good thing.
  18. When there's a few roos loose in the top paddock; both literally and/or figuratively. :cool:
  19. Hill tribe banjo players with a competitive urge.
  20. I've been playing soccer and still do since I was 13 thank you very much.
    I resent the term "soccer mum" as it is borrowed from the yanks.
    If he had mentioned SUV's I would have torched his house and eaten his first born!!!!!!