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What the ...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tunelliner, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. i was in the middle of writing my assignment... got bored... searched images on google and low and behold


    if its not a photoshop... how the hell do you ride that thing :roll:
  2. rofl omg. That truly is an amazing feat of stupidity. haha
  3. I surrender!!
  4. Is photoshop.
  5. is broken.

    ie: cant see shit captain!
  6. welcome to last DECADE!
  7. Now I know why they call them Ape Hangers. A anthropoid ape is riding it!!!

    try search on google images: apes-717865.jpg
  8. You can try:
    Right mouse click on broken image link, copy location, open new browser window, clear address, right mouse click- paste- enter.
  9. right click - view image.

    If that's a true pic, that is utterly insane! :LOL:
  10. i wonder if you can actually steer that thing in slow speed manoeuvres
    if so.. do you have to hold the bars like two vertical sticks... if so, how do u control the throttle and the clutch

    but thats only IF its not a p-shop :LOL:
  11. This is awesome. And when you're not riding, you can do chin-ups on it...
  12. This pic was posted on the US Honda Shadow forum and attracted a fair bit of amusement as well as some wry observations on why anyone would want to ride around looking like he just had a piece of barbed wire shoved up his arse.

    There was considerable specualtion as to the veracity of the picture, then someone posted another pic of the bike parked up at some kind of campground and the bars did actually seem to be that high.
  13. Saw a bike looking almost exactly like that in Melbourne, so yes, there are truly some weird people out there. I guess it'd keep his armpits dry in the heat.
  14. this is "slightly" offtopic
    but why do you have andy lau as your profile picture... if you're a girl then thats alright, but if you're a guy... :roll:
  15. very... umm. interesting. how do you pull the clutch in? :p
  16. rode one a bit like it once. Once was enough
  17. Watching bikes like that trying to manoeuver at low speeds in small spaces is always entertaining though.
  18. +1.
  19. Every Asian guy wants to be Andy Lau. Every single one.
  20. i dont :?