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What the... with mid life crisis:?:

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jomac, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Anyone else think that Mid Life Crisis is some weird phobia thought up by jealous youngsters and paranoid family and partners?

    Kids = 0 time and 0 money and tonnes of taxi driving

    0 kids = time and money and transport for one or two max to where you want YAY!!!!
  2. People like to sum up other people in neat and simplistic (and therefore false) categories and pop psychologies. Surely you can't be doing something just because it's good or fun and you like it! -There must be some *underlying* and clever explanation for your behaviour :wink:
  3. Dude seriously, I think your on the wrong forum.
  4. "dude" I seriously think you might be :LOL:

    In answer to the topic post, a quote from a movie

    "When people can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it.
    You want something you go get it, period! :: Christopher Gardner The Pursuit of Happyness"
  5. Don't feel special, I'm only 30 so apparently I'm having an 'early mid-life crisis' :roll:

    SWMBO has been asked in hushed tones 'Is everything OK with Dave?' by friends of ours, I think it annoys her more than it does me.

    If you want to up the ante get a tattoo, that seems to confirm everyone's prejudices that you have lost your mind.
  6. So you're referring to the new Kawasaki radio ads?

    Actually, I believe the "mid-life crisis" is a real phenomenon, although not really a crisis for most people. You get to the point in your life where you realise you're more than half way through it and you still haven't done a lot of the things you always wanted to - well you better get on with it, then!

    Sometimes it's good stuff, like riding a bike. Sometimes it's stoopid, like acting like a teenager :wink:
  7. meh! midlife crisis, just like pms: an excuse.

  8. That's what people going through a mid life crisis say :p
  9. I think a lot of familiy people sacrifice a few luxuries in their time for their kids/family.

    Then there comes a time when they are financially secure enough, or the children are all grown up/gone - such that they can afford to indulge themselves with a few things they've missed out on for the last 20 years.

    Some go on expensive holidays. Some buy expensive things.

    I'm sure there are a few older guys out there who try to 'be' younger in action and attitude... that would fit the 'midlife crisis' bill - but the stereotype is perpetuated or applied incorrectly to people who just have the opportunity to get something they want: and this typically happens around a similar age for the majority of the population.

    Surely I'm just stating the obvious here? This is my most boring post ever. What a waste of time. I feel empty inside. Here:
  10. My personal recipe for avoiding a midlife crisis has 2 parts:

    1. Don't stop doing fun stuff. Sure, kids take time and money, so they might be cheaper fun things, but switching off your own life from when the kids are born until they leave home makes no sense.

    2. Change jobs, move house, go to different countries, etc. Midlife crisis, IMO, is discovering you've been in the same rut doing the same things from 25-45 or so. Who wouldn't stress out? I'm rushing toward 45 at the moment, but I've had perhaps ten jobs and lived in as many houses, and in three countries, since I was 25.
  11. And yeah, definitely ignore anyone bitching about your choose to get a bike and calling it a 'midlife crisis'. Call it a 'get a life bonus' instead!
  12. I think a lot of it is just Tall Poppy Syndrome. Same as when some people see a guy driving around in a Ferrari or something, they automatically think "wanker", except if they're in the 40's it's a mid life crisis.
  13. When you get older, you 'generally' have more money than when young. Then you can buy all those things you always wanted. Things like the motorbike, the ferrari, the big screen plasma ...
    When you are young, you have to save every last penny to get anything decent.
    Therefor: a person going through a 'mid-life crisis' is just a person who wasted half their life by not doing what they should have ... having fun.
  14. I'm looking forward to geting my bike (after a lengthy absense)

    it doesn't feel like a mid-life thing, just something I should have done for myself years earlier
  15. Those people are just too scared to get a bike themselves.

    Easier to say, "I'm not having a mid life crisis" than to say, "I'm a scared little pussy and don't have the balls to ride a big scary motorbike."

  16. G2teg, you're half right.... "back then" there wasn't half as much goodies as we have nowadays, and most of the "back then" stuff wasn't nearly as efficient as some things today, but... there's and awful lot of sH&t around today too...

    midlife crisis... just a jealous comment from folk who "should've", but continue sitting back and watching it go past... I think they turn into angry old people...

    I once parked at that lookout along the jamberoo (pass?) road.. nice view.. a minivan pulled up, people pured out, I thought I was at Kabul International :LOL: :LOL:
    A very old man with a turban (?) came up and looked with envy at my (then GS1150)... about an hour later I was so thrilled to have heard about how this guy traveled from Afghanistan to Berlin and back on his BMW, back in the 60's....
    ... anyway... this was one happy old man who didn't get old whinging about garbage... he had a ball!!!!

    my midlife crisis started at 15, on a moped in Amsterdam :grin: