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What the hell...the cold war starting again!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. This is insane. It seems the yanks and the soviets (even though that is a former term) are at it again. Hell, why not re-build the Berlin wall.


    Navy intercepts Russian bombers

  2. So, fighter pilots get bored too, you know!!! :LOL:.
  3. They were just "promoting International relations". I bet the moon was shining out of each and every window of the bombers!
  4. [​IMG]

    There goes the 'smirnoff'
  5. OH no :eek:hno: where :bannanabutt:

    I'll second that! But add some 'birds' from the US ships as well.

    Got news for you PP this stuff has NEVER stopped since the cold war, just this time a reporter happened to be on board the US ship so it's leaked out.

    On deployment OS my ships have been shadowed by "fishing trawlers" on several occasions as well as aircraft both military and 'civilian' :popcorn:

    With mostly out of date equipment the Russian military has to rattle the saber once and a while to save face. Oh they do have SOME good stuff but not like they used to.
  6. Let's not forget he Russian "trawler" in the Great Australian Bight a couple of years ago either.

    I am just amazed the Soviets could put TWO planes up at once. They must have cobbled everything they had together.
    The Soviets don't want a war right now, they are under resourced, under supplier, under staffed, their equipment is ancient and have no budget. That's why they aren't meddling in the middle east right now.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. wait till shit goes down in Iran, then they'll "meddle" in the middle east.
  8. Smirnoff is distilled in the Ukraine, Paris and North America :)
    The owner is British liquor company, Diageo.

  9. Thanks Klutu ! .. had me worried for a while :wink:
    Was thinking I'd have to stock up ( love those 'black russians' ) :wink:

    I just discovered all this happened in 2006 ..
    I smell a 'conspiracy' :p
  10. Sure they willl...if they can find enough fuel/supplies/running equipment/personnel with the will to do it.
    Why do you think they're not in Afghanistan?

    Regards, Andrew.