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What the hell just happened?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by escuro, May 23, 2008.

  1. picked up my missus from the station last night which is about half a km from my place. mostly backstreets...well actually i wasnt gonna pick her up on my bike but i was passing by and thought hmm ill take her for a quick dash on it. now keep in mind im on my Ls and have only 1 helmet(which i gave to her)...yes i know, STUPID! but i already know that and i won't be doing itt again so please refrain from flaming me too much :p i'm sure you've all taken a pillion on your restrictions!

    so anyway we're cruising along and i think yea whatever ill just take her home its not far, just a short dash through some side streets, n she goes 'are there many cops along here usually? and what if u get caught?' to which my reply was 'ahh nah dont worry about it...what are the chances of a copper being in this sidestreet at this time on a thursday'. and uhhh...literally, as i said it. and i do mean the second after i said it, a copper cruises right by me with his lights in my eyes. WTF? there was a good 5 second period where we passed by each other (me with no helmet, with a pillion and clearly displayed L plates on the back). so im thinking oh frick frick frick...and i preemptively pulled over coz i knew it was all over, there was no point in making a dash for it on my puny 250 with a pillion. so we're waiting there nervously for them to turn around and come back...and, well...they didnt? so i'm clearly thinking what the hell just happened? could they have gotten my licence plate? should i be expecting a fine in the mail for not wearing a helmet while riding as well as carrying a pillion on restrictions? or am i just incredibly lucky and should go buy a lotto ticket(which ive done already :p).

    so anyway, i ended up riding home, gettin the car and finishing off the job.

    What do you guys think? lucky? or should i expect to get a nasty letter in the mail? whats the penalty for not wearing a helmet and carrying a pillion on restrictions? as long as i dont lose my licence im happy...

  2. You lucky bloody idiot.

    That is all.
  3. They were too busy looking at their speedo to make sure they weren't speeding DANGEROUSLY, to notice an inexperienced rider travelling without a helmet...
  4. They passed you at night going the other way…
    They will not have been able to get your plate without light shining on it so I think you may have been lucky this time.

    But I think ginji summed it up fairly effectively…
    You idiot
  5. :eek:

    You idiot.

    +1 for lucky.
  6. Stupid, but lucky.
    Unless the cop managed to see your licence plate in his rear view mirror, at night, on a dark street, I think you'll be right (pretty difficult, i would imagine).
    Count your blessings and don't do it again.
  7. He may also have been on his way to take care of something more important.

    But with that kind of behaviour the cops are the least of your worries.
  8. take out life insurance, immediately
  9. hmm, can you give us a description of the type of bike rego and driver lic no number would be helpful too, and i will be sure to pass it along so you don't miss out YOU fcukING KNOB, it's fcukwits like you that give us all a bad name but really i reckon you are a troll and this thread will continue on for the next 17 pages so hopefully that keeps you entertained for the rest of the day.... :roll:
  10. I am sure some, if not most of us have carried a pillion whilst restricted.
    However ..
    and needless to say an unprotected pillion

    You are a fcukING IDIOT!

  11. Can only shake head
  12. Surely You are not suggesting the police are more concerned about issueing speeding fines than the safety of the motoring public :?

    :p :p
  13. :WStupid:

    Mods why don't you short circut 10 pages of (well deserved) abuse, and deprive this idiot of his moment of fame, by deleting the thread!?
  14. Bravus wrote:
    Riding with no helmet is $100 fine... no points (IF I REMEMBER RIGHT!)

    Pillion while under restrictions is $116 ... no points (IM SURE THATS RIGHT!)

    As long as you promise not to do it again I wont flame! :)
  15. Did you see them turn their lights on? If so probably just warning you/scaring you, maybe they didn't see you without a helmet? Maybe they didn't care?

    I've been pulled up for riding with no helmet and they didn't care, open casket, closed casket, they were more worried about me letting a unlicensed mate ride around.

  16. bags consoling his girl when the inevitable happens
  17. You guys are missing something:

    In the midst of stereotypes, phrases like "organ donor", and ATGATT preaching:

    :arrow: This dude's missus let him buy a bike AND ride it without a helmet.

    It isn't just the OP who can learn something from the situation...
  18. Good grief man, weren't you cold?

    Jeepers. I'm surprised your vision was not affected by the lack of helmet. Crazy man.
  19. I did pick up on that but wasn't going to flame someone who may not know better.

    He does.
  20. The important question though is did your missus' butt look big on the back of the bike? :LOL: