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What the hell is wrong with a girl getting a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sookylala, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Why is it when we girls decide to get a bike our partners cant handle it? is it ego related, .... i have raced push bikes professionally for years so i am more than aware of the risks, my partner has a dirt bike (but thats differant, there are only trees to crash into!!!) now i want my 250 all of a sudden i can only ride it on the weekends in nice sunny weather etc etc etc AND i got told in no uncertain terms at a family dinner u can only ride it for 12months or so because if we get married and have kids u have to sell?????????????????????????/ anyone else in this the same spoT??? :evil: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  2. Well I for one find it.....

    *fat bastard accent* "Dead sexxxyy" if a womans a rider..

    must be those leather eh?

    serious though... why shouldnt anyone have the right to ride their bike when they want to.. let me hear you say yeah *people at rally* YEAH!
  3. there is NOTHING wrong with a girl getting a bike... omg, i cant believe this situation you are in, makes me mad! :evil:
    I am lucky enough to have a partner who supports me 100% (it helps that he's a road bike rider as well) no-one can tell you what you can or cant do.... do you tell him what he's allowed to do?? have you told him he has to sell his dirtbike when you get married?? ohhh that attitude bothers me.....
  4. :LOL: I think this has been discussed before...

    My view still stands that i personally like "girly" girls. If a chick i was seein started to get into bikes or wanted to play footy or somethin it would be see ya later without a doubt. I just find it really unattractive, i like girls that go shopping, play dress ups and talk to the friends on the phone all day :)

    Dont get me wrong i reckon chicks that are into bikes are awesome as mates but thats it.

    But anyways what your talkin about sounds more like hes worried about your safety :wink: Id think it worse if he didnt care.
  5. girls shouldn't ride because its a macho mans only game. you can get a scooter and you have to wear a miniskirt when riding it, its not negotiable :evil:

    :p :p :p
    something tells me that mr man there feels a little threatened by his other half taking up something he doesn't have the bollocks to have a crack at :LOL:

    my other half rides, and loves it. we've just had TWINS and both our bikes stayed in the garage through the pregnancy and hospital stages without even a thought of hanging up the helmet. you dont ride pregnant, but whats to stopping you from having a bit of fun once the child(ren) comes out? you dont stop doing anything cool just cos you have kids!! you just get to do it less often is all :? :(

    farkim, do what you want :twisted:
  6. Tell him yeah yeah, and dont worry about it. :grin:
    When the time comes tell him to get over it :eek:
    If he doesn't, tell him to build a bridge. :p

    Hakin :wink:
  7. I would love my missus to get into bikes, as we could share the pasttime. I am still trying to pursuade her, so I cant imagine why your partner is being so weird. Especially as he has a dirt bike! The whole baby thing gives an idea of how his brain is working. Sounds like your partner has an idea of what women type things are, and that includes pumping out a unit every 9 months. Buying a bike (and doing something you want to do for yourself) falls outside the stereotype so does not compute. Better set the groundwork now for how things will be later on. Tell him he'll have a hard job fathering children with no testicles. He'll soon wise up. :grin:
  8. damn coconuts thats just calling for a flamin :shock: :grin: :grin:
  9. If both of you ride, it's someone else you have available to go riding with. It means that they understand how important it is for you to buy <insert costly accessory> and share you love of corners and understand totally why it takes 35km to travel 1km....

    Really, any man who conjures up shit arguments about how his partner shouldn't ride.... :shock:
  10. Friends of mine recently had a baby. They still ride (not as often) and even do ride days together. Whereas before they'd go in the same group, now one rides whilst the other cares.
  11. what makes you think it's a girl thing? unless you're from a biking family no relative is understanding of their loved ones upping their risk of being injured/killed, male or female by riding a bike.

    you just have to try to educate them and sell them on the idea you'll ride defensively, wear good gear etc just like us guys have had to tell our parents/partners.

    good luck in converting them, and have fun bike shopping when you get around to it, nothing better than spending a few k on a shiny new toy
  12. No sorry i am not in that position I am a male :p :p :p :p :p :p

    But do what you want too, if he/she cant hack it fcuk him/her off

    partners should be there to support not tell/demand
  13. I am really glad I don't share your view on that [-( Otherwise pillioning would be a chore, not a change.

    I'm guess you wouldn't get on the back with a female rider either? :LOL:
  14. Mik84

    Get a life :evil: :evil: . It's people like you who refuse to acknowledge females as equals who should just be shot at birth, just remember you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for a woman.


    You do what you want to do and to hell with everybody else. Your here for a good time not a long time so enjoy. :grin: :grin:
  15. Yep. My last girlfriend tried that one. I can say now that I'm single and pleased as punch with the new bike. :grin:

    Ride whatever you want. If he doesn't like it he'll either get used to it or eventually realise you're not listening when he winges about it. :wink:
  16. Maybe he loves :oops: you too much to see you get hurt.... :cry:
  17. OMG i thinnk i started a war....apologies..i am getting a bkie we had a discussion :wink: a few minutes ago and as a result the bike is ok with one or two condition 1) i HAVE to PASS the defensive riding courses & 2) I HAVE to WEAR the best safety gear i can get(well he has offered to pay for that, :grin: ) its not against a girl riding its a safety thing from his perspective, but i raced pushies and been hit by cars i have friends tragically taken by idiots like amy gilett last year but u cant live life wondering and regretting, heck i could get run over by a bus walking across the street for a coffee or get some terminal disease, and if we do have kids well its open for negotiation :wink:
  18. Oh and one more condition of the agreement...he can ride it....(look into fine print and see the word RARELY at owners discretion)
  19. it's great you are getting the bike i wish my g/f would get into it she loves being on the back of mine but it would be so much more fun if she got her own she's just to cautious i told her i would send her on a defensive riding course and anything else i can find but she just still seems to fear the road (she doesn't have a car licence either) but with time maybe
  20. If my girlfriend told me to choose between her and the bike, I'd tell her where the door is, not because I love the bike more than I love her, but because I'd never let anyone dictate how I should live my life.

    If your partner is the type of person who is telling you what to do with your money, time and passion, you might want to think if they're really the sort of person you want to be with.

    If you let someone control you now, what are they going to be like in 5 years time?

    Get the bike, keep the bike. If your partner doesnt like it they can either get used to it, or get out :wink:
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