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What the hell is with Alpinestars quality these days?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by grue, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Putting on my boots after the gym this morning, the zipper on my left boot completely failed. stitching came out, the actual, uh, zip thing is only on one side, etc. A bit over a year old, so presumably out of warranty and will cost christ knows how much to get repaired.

    My Track pants had to go in for repair on three different non load-bearing seams after well under a year.

    My 4 month old GP Plus gloves are starting to come apart at the fingertips

    My Vector jacket had to have the zipper replaced as well, but that at least lasted a couple of years with a fat guy in it.

    Is it time to pony up for Dainese gear?
  2. It's time to stop being so fat.
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  3. He did say he had just come out of the Gym, perhaps it's muscle.
  4. fatgym.
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  5. They never asked to use my likeness…
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  6. No.......

    Get something which will last.....(not saying Dainese will not last.....just $$$)

    My RST touring gear has been hammered commuting for 3 winters without incident....

    Berik gloves have been going strong for 2 years now also......

    I have seen A* gear fail very quickly from a mate of mine who buys the brand religiously.....his experience alone is enough of a reason for me not to buy their products.
  7. People seem to pick on RST and Dristar a lot but my Dristar jacket and RST jeans seem to be doing fine. A* gloves, on the other hand, split at the seam within a month. Got my money back and replaced them with... I dunno to be honest, some cheap brand that have lasted 4 months no worries, with cash left over. Palm is holding up fine, seams are good (even that bit on the pinkie finger that usually digs in and is seriously irritating) and on the whole they're really good gloves.
  8. A* is reserved for the show off brigade, just an over priced label.

    I've been very happy with my RST, Hornee, Dainese items.
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  9. Oh, I thought he said he just came out at the gym...
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  10. both a stars and dianese cut costs and moved production to the ukraine as well as vietnam for boots i think.

    Time to start buying stuff thats actually made in italy, not an Italian brand trading on its past reputation for quality slinging a crap product made in the third world. Or america, or australia, or england, etc.
  11. +1 Agreed - never understood it....

    Both brands are VERY well priced and have longevity.........I'm no aficionado...
  12. Not just A*. The zip pull on my Sidi boots disintegrated. It's just a cheap aluminium pressing.
    Got 2 pairs of Daytonas (summer and winter) sent in. Yes, you pay for these but they're a quality product.
    I've got past the stage where I'm prepared to put up with rubbish.
  13. I would be fine with ukraine, but my leathers are made in china (the newest model from PS) :(


    I'm definetely not happy with A* gloves and supertech r quality. But actually seems ok otherwise.
  14. My waterproof A* MX5 let water in the left boot on the first wet day. Got replaced, same.
  15. lmao made my day by far
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  16. Im a huge fan of Held and all my Beriks seems to be holding up well as well............
  17. I have had my RST gloves since I started riding. Only wear and tear due to usage is a hole in the left index finger after 3 years of usage...I stitched it up and it held for another year before I ran out of leather. I still have my 6 year old Shift jacket and the only thing broken is the tab on the zipper which is now replaced by a key ring hoop and works just fine. The gear has paid itself off that's for sure.

    Was planning on buying new gear and was actually looking at A*, however after hearing these, I might just settle for something else. Can't afford Dainese :(
  18. Mine have been AMAZING in that respect, I'll give credit where due