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What the hell Green Slip??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. AAMI
    Zurich all $460+ for a green slip on a 250!!!! F U and F U and F U

    NRMA $350...F U

    lol there goes Xmas! Hope everyone likes 2min asian noodles for gifts...
  2. Welcome to the changes, there was a 'protest' of sorts and a lot of talk...but no action.
  3. When mine came in last July, Allianz was quoting $428 (GS500F), used that RTA comparison website (flyer supplied with the rego papers) and ended up with GIO for $283.
  4. Where you been since july mav :D.
    Best i could get my twofiddy green for last month was QBE (i know, the devil), at $380.
    Very begrudgingly paid it of course. What choice did i have?
  5. Yeah I feel ya, my rusty trusty 250 mule now sits gathering dust in the garage, to expensive to rego, its a farken joke.
  6. Oh the advantages of SA. After living in NSW for 20 years and experiencing the RTA way of doing things, i've come to glorious SA.

    $300 ish. Rego. CTP. On the road. No green slip inspections. Everything that is needed. Awesome, huh? Downside is, no vehicle inspections: more rust-buckets... But its not too noticeable.
  7. Thank God something is still cheap in Queensland.....just got the renewal advice for my FJR1300, now this is the total rego bill ctp road tax etc etc etc $222.40 for 12 months.
    This is a single seat bike by the way, the CTP component is $81.20.

  8. My bike costs $750 a year to rego...

  9. I'm thinking of taking my cars and bike to Victoria and getting them registered there. So very much cheaper. Cost more than $900 to register my suzuki vitara which I only use for 4wding, the car I have registered is worth 10 times as much and cost $450 in Vic. Hate to think what the bike will be when the rego's up.
    Time to road trip south...
  10. THIS x 1,000,000

    Although rego in SA is bloody daylight robbery thanks to CTP. thick end of a grand for a V8 these days. that's a joke. Where's my no claim discount on my fkn CTP, kents?

    as an aside, MN, I had you pegged as being a youngun.. apologies fella :)
  11. QLD is even cheaper :)
  12. yeah it sucks that your stuck on your P's for 3 years now ay?

  13. Stop trying to convince honest New South Welshman's to move up of the land of the cane toads lol [-([-([-(
  14. My 125 cost $225 effin *unts
  15. hmmm trading RTA for regency? not sure if that's somethin to crow about (pardon the pun)

    ^^this. $400 a year all up for me. but our rego goes on the number of cylinders rather than capacity.

    and we've got enough of your bloody throwbacks so y'all best stay down there :cheeky::twisted:
  16. nope

    P's only for 1 year

  17. My CTP is $575 (cheapest quote of all of them) for the 1137cc blackbird, the way the system works:
    If I was less than 1125cc $446.. So that 12cc costs me $10 per cc.
    If I was more than 1325cc $511.. So a ZX14 would be cheaper.

    Now f^%$ng figure that out!.

  18. you do realise that the cane toads have been in NSW for ages now, right?


    i think they're even as far south in NSW as the newcastle or something
  19. Greensilp NRMA $296 or Alianz $310
    Rego $110
  20. thought I'd add, the year's rego for my GPX is $342. Comprising:
    $34 registration charge
    $6 admin fee
    $24 emergency services levy
    $60 Stamp duty on insurance policy
    $200.15 CTP insurance premium ex GST
    $17.85 GST on CTP insurance premium

    I still maintain nearly $1000 for a V8 is robbery.