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What the hell does this mean?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by not_sane, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Laboratory Trainee

    Must have an eye for detail
    Good at mathematics
    Must be punctual

    Lens manufacturer has a vacancy for a trainee in its Thin Film Vacuum Coating Laboratory.

    No experience necessary but must be eager to learn.

    38 hours per week.
    Award wages.

    any body got any idea's?
  2. No, but it does remind me of the lab technician who fell into a lens grinding machine and made a spectacle of himself!
  3. Sorry Sane, which bit don't you get?
  4. haha :) ok anybody else have any idea's?
  5. Optical lenses are typically coated for various effects (depending on what it is used for). This job is about applying those coatings. Very fine work.

    I like the bit about award wages though, not many scientific industries stick by those anymore.
  6. ...what they do?
    or how they do it?
    or ... whos buggalugs
  7. Applying protective films to glass, seems likely. Could be building glass, reading glasses, microscope lenses, ?? :)
    The ad has a contact number? Ring and ask :)
  8. fo shizzle...

    so are we talking about glasses here or like contacts... orrr sunny's?

    thanks you've been a big help anyways
  9. Ask them and find out
  10. The "Vaccum" bit refers to the process they use. The machine sort of sucks the plastic on to a mould.

    You use a similar process in the automotive industy for lots of things. e.g. dashboards.

    This description doesn't mention lenses, but the pun seems to indicate that.
  11. well you see, the guy rang me.. and i've sorta got an interview tomorrow and he was askin me about how soon i could start. so... if i like then really i've got it.
    plus for some reason people just like giving me jobs... :?

    thanks... just thought i should probably find out what it was first.
  12. thanks guys.. been a big help.
  13. "she'll be right" attitude not accepted. Implies you must have pride in your work.

    There will be numbers involved in what you are expected to do. More specifically, you will need to know the difference between 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001.

    We expect you to be here every day, and on time

    We've got a job doing a technical process and need to get someone who can remember things told to them that morning.

    We are probably the only one in Australia who hasn't outsourced this to India or China yet, so we can't poach any other company's staff.

    I'm guessing around $15 per hour for a 5 day week.

    This mob sounds like they put the coatings required on lenses. The coatings do different things, but mainly alter the refractive index of the glass at certain light frequencies, or provide protective / hardening layers to the glass.

    Lots of them. Why, do you wish to borrow some? :LOL:
  14. That's how they make bike screens, too, but in this case I'd suspect they are using a vacuum chamber to 'splatter' a very fine coating onto an optical lens, probably using some sort of electrostatic process. Could be lenses for cameras, binoculars etc, but I'd guess spectacles, mainly based on the likelihood of a market. (as far as I know, Oz doesn't have a significant camera or binocular manufacturing sector.
  15. You applied for a job and you didn't know what it involved??? That's either A grade spunk, or low grade risk-taking!!! Lotsa luck, man, let us know what it's REALLY like, won't you?
  16. It also reminds me of the little girl who came home from school and asked her mum; "Mum, what's vice?"
    Mum said "Vice is anything that's nasty or evil or bad. Why do you ask, dear?"
    "Oh, well, it's just that they made me captain of it today at school!"
  17. I used to work in a Lab (Food Scientist) although it's hard to believe. I told them I had a degree and they actually believed me enough to give me the job and stick me in white coat with pens in the top pocket. It lasted all of a week before I was comprehensively BUSTED :oops:

    (Homer voice) White coat...pens :p
  18. well i was looking for some kind of job/apprenticeship in electronics and it looked interesting... guess i'll find out soon
  19. well, if you've got the spunk to apply for it, you deserve to get it.
    Just don't get a white coat and put pens in your top pocket, as Nova warns!!!
  20. spunk?

    i understand what you saying, just wondering what your definition of spunk is?