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what the heck should i do - help ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by eve, May 6, 2009.

  1. So - need to pick some brains regarding my situation…

    I started a job in October - who said that they will train me and that it’s a bit different to my experience but I will receive the training I require to do the job.
    After a month, I was told by the BIG boss that I was exceeding expectations and that he was happy with bringing me on.

    2 months later - he took me into another meeting where he said that I didn’t look happy - and that I should try to be happier around the office (news to me - I'm chatty to everyone).

    1 week later I was given a warning - for taking 'liberties' that I should not take, and that they are disappointed with me (i.e too chatty… ).

    I worked harder and longer - to be told that it was a TEST to see if I'd try harder or just quit. I was then told I passed my probation

    About 3 days later I was then informed that someone had to go - and I was offered a sideways step into a different role (same area though).

    … with extended probation of 3 months.

    Today my new manager tells me that they are not taking me on past my probation period because they need someone who doesn’t require training (someone internally)…

    To make matters worse, another manager I work with has been giving me wrong information to which they have built a case to show I am making mistakes.
    I tried to tell them that this person is providing the wrong information - but… to deaf ears…

    Now my question -

    Since there is a recession - if I quit or if I am let go after probation… am I still eligible for Centrelink (if worst comes to worst)
    Or do you have to be made redundant or fired?
  2. Sorry, I don't know enough to say anything useful, and hope others will. I just wanted to say 'that sucks' and express support and hopes for a good outcome.
  3. I dunno, but good luck buddy!
  4. as it used to be, if you were "Fired" you could be entitled immediately, something to do with not being "Planned for". Ring Centerlink.

    I would also consider speaking to the big boss. I sure hope you have it in writing in regards to the whole going to get trained business. You could also speak to the relevent Employment body/Government department to see if what is happening to you is legal, you may have options that way. Other wise get on your bike(pun intended) and find something else. The Global Financial Crisis isn't quite as bad as the media makes out.

    You would of had to sign contracts and if you have, depending on what they say, you may or may not be screwed.
  5. Since i work with lawyers
    nothing is in writing
    it is all verbal.

    ... and yeah.. it sucks.

    i'll get onto centrelink
  6. seems to me that any company that 'tests' you like that is one you would be better off out of
  7. Presuming you are over 21: http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/payments/newstart_eligible.htm

    Doesn't say anything about being out of work for X amount of time, but your best bet would be to call centrelink & try to get a straight answer.

    If it were me I would try & keep my existing job, you haven't done anything wrong per se by the sound of it, just a few wrinkles to iron out. You may need to watch your step & do everything by the book for a while though.

    Ahh, lawyers. Get a new job! Just kidding, hope you catch a break soon. If not, there is still plenty of work around, contrary to the mainstream media doom & gloom.
  8. Verbal Contracts are still binding, if you can prove them.
  9. keeping job = until end of probation period which is only a few weeks...

    then i'll be let go

    which looks better for future prospects - quitting - or being released.
  10. I think its about 6 weeks that they will make you wait if you quit.

    They sound quite dodgey. But they are lawyers
  11. No further explanation needed
  12. *sigh* I'm not gonna say it Klairi... ;)

    Shoot me an email
  13. Wow they really sound like jerks. Well done for sticking it out that long and not throwing it in as soon as you noticed. Smart to be considering your exit strategy.

    I learnt a few years back to get such agreements in writing, even if they seem like your bestest buddies at the time; it'd be very reasonable of you to ask for some formalization of your employment.
    Otherwise I'd be looking around.
    Hope you get treated better at your next workplace!
  14. I find fudging issues like that to be the best policy. It's not lying if it's part of a job application :wink: .
  15. If you are still in your probation there is not much you can do. Even if you are into permanent employment they are still working within the grubby areas of redundancy. As such, so long as they follow some basic rules, they can still do the morally incorrect thing.

    next time they have a meeting about this, make sure you have someone with you in the meeting. You are entitled to this. At least then the verbal contract can be confirmed.

    I don't think being let go is going to harm you for your next job, considering it's happening a bit now, but try to avoid being fired.

    Look for another job.

    From your description it seems a lot like a family run business. I know what that is like. Get out at the first opportunity.
  16. I'll never work for a lawyer again, the OP sums up the 'standard' experience afaic.

    Go somewhere where your efforts are appreciated and work will no longer be 'work'.
  17. That really sucks. Especially after you were told by the boss things were all good.

    I think if you are let go after probation or fired, you will be entitled to centrelink quicker then if you quit. So i wouldn't quit.

    Either way, an employer looking at your resume would, see that you left or let go within 3 months, eitherway, it doesn't look great, but you just need to spend time practicing how you explain that, so you are articulate in an interview.

    Making you restart your probation again with the new role, if you signed off on it, i think it will be very tough for you to defend being let go, and to be honest, its probably while they moved you sides ways, as its easier to let someone go while under those terms of their contract.

    But i think at the same time, and do stress i am far from an expert in this year, they can not let you know at the end of 3 months, oh hey you didnt work out, see ya. They need to show they have given you feedback over that time about where you need to improve. At least thats my understanding of how my last 2 employers have had to manage the probation period.

    If you feel you have been treated unjustly, one of the key things is documentation of what has occured. Details of when converstations took place, inappropriate or inaccurate comments were made. Notes you have taken. Can can then speak with a solicitor to take action against the employer. Most companies will settle wrongful dismissle cases as it costs to much in lawyer/court costs to defend - although the costs given you work for lawyers will be less. I think on average its about $20k in lawyer/ court costs.

    Shitty situation you are in. I'd start applying for jobs ASAP - as i am sure you are - there are always jobs for well skilled/good attituded employee's - just may not be your ideal role.
  18. Chillax Babe!

    They dont deserve your hard work and effort!

    Maybe think about a change of career.....apple pie maker? Surely that you would enjoy :p

    (i would enjoy you doing that :LOL: )

    -------> im not going to finish my law degree after your experience :oops:
  19. Sounds to me they had no intention of keeping you on a permanent basis. Don't be surprised if your exit makes room for someone returning. ( ie maternity leave ) ?
    That really sucks hon, and they DONT deserve you.

    Good Luck in the future
  20. It does make it easier in 'centerlinks' eyes for newstart if you are terminated.
    Just make sure you get your Employer Termination Cert asap.
    If you get termination pay or have even a little saved up in the bank in CASH. They will make you wait for any benefit until you have exhausted this nest egg..... no going out and spending it doesn't work :evil:

    The formula , divide your nest egg by $470 for a maximum of 6 weeks

    eg 2300 in the bank
    2300 / 470 = 4.8

    Using their formula you would have to wait 2 months before getting your 1st payment of $235 the 1st payment is always a half payment :?

    I know this as I got retrenched two weeks before xmas last year. this is what I had and how long I had to wait. The 'system' doesn't care about prebooked holidays etc.