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What the F**K is up with the coast

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mav, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Got a puncture (glass shard) on my brand new rear, - Mich PR2 which i got for $220 fitted and balanced @ Balmain Motorcycle Tyres, props to them - and managed to get the bike home thanks to a good mate. Sydney to Gosford. Champ.

    Called up the motorcycle dealers/service centres to get quoted price on pickup and fit of new rear

    First place dont do pickups, and only tyres they have in stock are shinkogawa-chinese-crap (i don't know the f**kin name). Asked if they have a courier they use, and again, nup call one yourself mate probably cost ya couple of hundred. Thanks cockhead.

    Second place dont do pickups. Have a trailer I can hire for $200 for the weekend...wtf...can supply rosso corsa for $300/angel st $283 plus $40 to fit. Thanks Richie.

    Third place don't know. Getting one of the boys to call me back.

    How big an idiot do they think people are they will pay rip off prices just because they charge them??

    At least the second place said i could bring the bike and tyre and they will fit for $40....online shopping here i come.:banhappy: :banhappy:
  2. yeah, have to agree with that. you do pay a premium buying anything from the coast. i would say because everyone buys online or from sydney... because they charge so much... etc

    i go to Image in gosford for most of my non internet stuff, mainly because i got a good deal on the bike, and they have checked a couple of things for me at no charge, so i dont mind paying their premium occasionally

    consequently, i have to get some tyres aswell very shortly, maybe save some shipping and buy from the US?
  3. Do you have available transport other than the bike itself?

    Removing the rear wheel and taking it in somewhere might be less hassle.

    Is the puncture too bad to fix yourself with a plug kit?
  4. How did u get it home in the end?
  5. malcolm came and picked me and the bike up
  6. train to work, missus's car to get to TAFE

    if i had a centrestand/paddock stand i'd probably remove the wheel

    puncture wasn't your usual nail, screw...was a shard of glass about 3mm thick and 2 cm long
  7. third place called me back and said they do $80 for pickup (not too bad), $45 for fitting, and $300 for tyres...although they were a bit patronizing..."yeah mate, gotta charge ya for the fitting, gotta get a tech in there to remove the rear brakes and chain and stuff." NO SHIT, WHAT ABOUT THE HANDLEBARS DERRRRRR fcukwit

    so at the end of the day there are two places that i can take the bike and a tire to, and they will happily fit it...just gotta decide if i want to pay $40 or $45
  8. Is that why u called me? To pick u up :D
  9. no he wanted to fondle your man boobs
  10. yes you курва i wanted you to come hold my hand and make me feel special...

    at least you didn't charge me for the advice i got :pompous: