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what tank bag for my bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vossy, May 22, 2007.

  1. I'm in the market for a tank bag for my bike ('88 GSXR750) I want a magnetic type bag that comes off and can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag.
    What things do I need to look for or look out for when buying such a bag.
    Any help will be great. :?

  2. one that fits.

    make sure it doesn't interfere with the controls of the bike (hit the horn when turning :LOL: ), or just get in the way of your arms.
  3. I have a Dri-Rider magnetic tankbag that was great on my old 600 but wont stick to the plastic tank of my Blade :LOL: Thats a good start , those things will not fall off no matter how hard you push.It could be unzipped to a smaller bag and used as a backpack as well. If you still havent got one send me a pm and we can work something out :wink:
  4. Best way to go about it is ...
    Take your bike to your where you are going to buy the tank bag and
    try a few different ones to see what works best.
  5. go the Dri Rider one , dont feck around , you can have mine for almost postage cost. I can't use it anymore. It took me from Melbourne to Noosa and back over a couple of weeks , still like new. Last call
  6. Sounds good.
    have sent you a PM regarding this.
  7. Hi everyone, I don't have a tank bag yet. I looked at them and the one I want's $175... But i ride a hyosung roadbike so im wondering how easy it is to ride with one of these fully extended...? anyone?

    Also, if it helps anyone at all... I was giving a sensible sounding tip by someone. They told me to put that contact plastic, as in the stuff you used to cover your text books in school... but they said there's a thicker version... makes sense to me. stop the magnets and other stuff from scratching ur tank paint. One tried it before?
  9. Yeah that sounds like a good point. I'm just concerned about the height because the tank on a hyosung is quite high. I guess the best thing is to try it on there at the shop. I'll also probably be best off to look around abit more.
  10. once you know what you want have a look on e-bay. got mine for $50 (dririder city)
  11. Thanks to 1000RR I'm now the proud owner of a Dririder tank bag.
    Used it today to put my work stuff in. Fantastic!
    It will definitely make the long trips easier.
    Thanks again Grant.

  12. My pleasure Vossy :)

    One thing to remember with these magnetic ones is to make sure the part of the bag that connects with the tank is always clean , and the tank too , I always gave it a bit of a wipe. Magnets pick up metal as we know so if you're a fitter/turner then keep it away from the place !! :wink:
  13. Go to a shop and ask them if you can put one on to see how it fits.

    I think it's been said, but see if it gets in the way of your controls etc. A good investment if you plan to take stuff with you around... also something u dont have to carry on your back and hides behind the screen on most bikes.