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What style is youre ride?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Sportsbike

  2. Naked bike

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  3. Tourer

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  4. Cruiser

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  5. Streetfighter/Custom

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  6. Dirt/Trail

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  7. Classic/Nastalgic

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  8. Other/None

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  1. I believe its been done previously, but we might freshen this one up as there are many new riders here, me being one of them, and just want to get the guist of what bikes we all ride... Feel free to post here, (pics too!) but I'm really after a good poll on what style bikes we ride. For the newbies, theres a breif description below:

    Sportsbike: Sport/race orientated bikes, fully faired, such as CBR, R1, GSXR ect...

    Nakedbike: Bikini (half fairing) or full naked bike. These are bikes that are naked in their stock factory condition, such as FZ1, Hornet, ER6n, Buell.

    Tourer: Sports bikes and dual-sports, with a touring base. These include bikes like the XXBlackbird, ZZR's, BMW GS's ect.

    Cruiser: Obvious. Harleys, Virago's, Bonneville's, Shadows ect... I dont think anyone rides a chopper or a bobber, so we'll include these here.

    Streetfighter/Custom: Heavily customised bikes. Streetfighters are bikes that ounce were naked, and thanks to a crash or fashion, have been stripped bare of fairings. Customs are bikes that you have to look twice at to see what they are.

    Dirt/trail: All you knobbly knutters out there.

    Classic/Nostalgic: Classics are Pre 1975 bikes. If you ride a classic, you know its a classic. Nostalgics are bikes that made an impact/change on how bikes were built, or were the dingoes danglies when they came out. Please specify.

    Other/None: Just in case I missed something, or you dont ride but love the bikes...
  2. well from what you have said my bike falls into the naked catergory but i rather think it slots more into sports ride a vtr1000f firestorm

    nakeds tend to have a more relaxed seating position with the bars not being clip on and you not having to lean so much over the tank

    so i think i will give the poll a miss this time around
  3. Well, it's not a stock naked bike, but neither is it so heavily customised that it's original form is hidden (well from the front maybe). Put it in the streetfighter category though, some clip-ons would be sweet though.
  4. Sportsbike - Yamaha FZR250R

    I want to ride a 250 cruiser and see how it compares. I don't get cruisers but for some reason last night in bed reading a motorbike mag I saw a picture of one and for the first time appreciated the cruiser form.
  5. hmmm, interesting poll spadaman
  6. Sport bike!
  7. MVX 250 - classic? :grin:

  8. Only classicly B-Grade


    Believe it or not they were meant to be a sportsbike..... but thats honda for you.
  9. Interesting poll indeed, I think the majority can be predicted to a point :)

    I ticked other, as far as I'm concerned my 1982 Triumph Bonneville is not a cruiser and is closer to a classic, even if it is after 1975 as per the poll. They were the sportsbike of their time (60's), it has modern touches like disc brakes, electronic ignition etc from factory, even if the engine is essentially a 1930's design :?
  10. I think my bike's a classic, just not sure if anyone else does?

    Mine's a 1982 GS650G katana, it's post 1975, but on the other hand the Katana's were the last big thing to have an impact on bike design., and are historically hugely significant. However the 1100 or the 750 are the one's people want (though the rear end on the 650 looks much better IMO), so the 650 doesn't quite have that classic cred.

    I ticked Naked in the end.
  11. sport all the way
  12. I always thought they looked really cool- if only they actually worked... Do you actually ride it? They can't be many still running.
  13. I have a gpx 250, its a sports tourer...I think :D
  14. it's a super sport!
  15. :LOL:
  16. 650 Kat's my fave - hard to find now.

    My ride's a new cruiser. I'm loving it though hard to judge how far I can lean over on corners - judgement will come.

  17. it doesnt say anything on there about neing a sports tourer? looked at that page many times before making my purchase

    sit on a vtr and tell me its a sports tourer
  18. Don't have it anymore, sold it to a guy in Sydney a few months ago in fairly poor condition for $6000!

    It still runs, but needs quite a bit of work for RWC. It looks like shit, the fairings are all faded and the seat has seen better days. My old man bought it new back in the day, and installed some sort of workaround for the 3rd cylinder hand grenade syndrome fairly early on. Got rid of it at 86,000km, which is prolly a record for an MVX.
  19. Classification

    I ride a 2003 Yamaha TDM 900. I used the 'Other' button 'cause for me it doesn't really fit anywhere else. Perhaps if there was a Sports/Tourer button......
  20. I ride a 1999 honda vt 750 ACE cruiser all blinged up AND a Yamaha TTR 250 Dirt bike.

    I guess I have to vote twice???

    WTF ya can't vote more than once!!

    That will leave this poll very inaccurate for there are quite a lot of riders that ride different bikes!!!
    Edit: I just wanted to try out the "add image to post button"