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What spare parts do you always have on hand?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. What spare parts for your bike do you always have on hand and why? Apart from your tool kit, is there anything else you normally take when you head out?

  2. If I am going far - a puncture kit, tyre in a can, leavers, race tape, devcon steel putty and a few assorted bolts/screws and of coarse the fix anything zip ties.
  3. zip ties, electrical tape, clutch cable, and a wire-brush for spark plugs
    plus my standard aprilia toolkit, and my victorinox swisscard. which i always carry in my wallet
  4. mobile phone
  5. 1. telephone
    2. credit / cash card
    3. first aid kit (human repair kit)
    4. depends if going remote / on or off road..
    Still working out a kit for the F8gs.. too new to have it all yet..
  6. some ketamine, sparkledust and a mono-immunisation usually keeps them happy
  7. The standard CB250 toolkit that goes in the mini toolbox near the right foot. (This has all tools needed to do minor work on the bike)
    I have a little sorta tin - bottle thingo my brother liberated from work that holds 750ml of petrol. Just in case.
    A spare set of fuses needed (2 x 10 amp and 1 x 20amp)
    Very basic first aid kit (gauze / bandage, disinfectant, etc.)
    $50 in a little plastic bag

    All the aobve, except the toolkit, is stored in the little compartment being the seat.

    I should really get a puncture repair kit too.
  8. I carry a full tool kit, think the tool kit is worth a mention because its more important than spares because you need the tools for the spares.
    torx keys. T-8 thru T-55
    spanners 17, 13, 24, 12.
    tyre levers, big ones.
    plug spanner.
    chain braker.
    chain lube.
    various zip ties.
    puncture repair kit.
    Co2 inflator.
    fist aid kit + stickytape for me and bike.

    17 tube.
    21 tube.
    spark plugs.
    clutch cable, zip tied to cuttent one so i dont lose it.
    chain peices.

    It depends on how far im going though, if om off for a few hundred K's ill just take tubes and enough to change them on road i have BMW asist, this kit i put together for traveling off road on the bike and has enough to limp me to a town/trading post/servo and i will fit it a tool tube once its more refined with less bulky items.
  9. electrical tape.
    zip ties (there's half a bike right there)
    clutch and brake levers, brake pedal and gear shifter. (got sick of being stranded when all i needed was a gear lever to ride home).
    Plus the standard tools and tyre repair kit.
  10. A spare stop/tail light globe.
    A few spare pairs of rubber gloves.
  11. Mobile Phone and Mastercard although after reading this thread I will expand this somewhat in the future. Just because you have a phone, doesn't mean it will work in the country (dodgey v***fone)
  12. just the standard tool kit plus a puncture repair plug kit
  13. Unless I think I can push the bike home in less than a day....
    Duct tape
    Cable ties
    Puncture repair
    Pocket knife
  14. At the moment I've got the stock powervalve and mounting assembly, due to me machining a blanking plate :LOL:

    I usually take a few clip ties, spare spark plug, some duct tape, a pipe-cleaner or two, tyre pressure gauge, and a bottle of 2T oil on longer runs (200km+). Also on longer trips I take a couple of ibuprofen tablets and one of those mini deoderant cans. Nothing sucks more than riding to meet somone and sitting there with random pains in a cloud of your own fetid BO.

    My toolset is adequate to perform any maintenance that should be required, including carby and top-end work. It all fits in a small pencil case, and goes in the duck tail along with the oil and duct tape. I need to add 7.5, 15 and 20 amp fuses.

    On medkits, I reckon if you mess yourself up enough to require one it'll probably be inadequate anyway. Still a good idea though I suppose.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. For interstate road touring,
    * standard toolkit
    * tubeless tyre repair kit
    * tiny lil' air compressor
    * Credit card and mobile phone.
    * UHF CB

    I'm probably on the underequipped side of things. Tape/cableties could be handy. Multitool/leatherman would be good. Vicegrips could be handy for temporary foot controls. ;)

    Some spare fuses would be useful too.
  16. Standard tool kit
    Spare fuses
    Spare spark plug
    Duct tape
    Wire (For tying parts on)
  17. A flux capacitor and Mr. Fusion. I hate getting stuck in 1955.
  18. Pretty much the same as this and some items others have listed - funnily enough it's other riders I've been with or come across who have benefited from me carrying these than myself or my bike :)