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What sound better V-Twin or V8?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by izan508, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. I was coming back from work today, and what passed me was the rumbling sound of a tidy VN SS, of which I thought sounded a delight...just like my VTR1000f which gives me the horn, of which I love the deceleration throttle popping, like I heard on this clean VN SS...

    But I cant really say what I think sound better...any thoughts?
  2. Each sound is unique, the deeper the better imho.
  3. Dude, you're comparing a Firestorm to a VN Commodore????

    I'm insulted!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:
  4. No comparison, the bike's much better :LOL:
    (That coming from someone who has bugger all interest in cars, only bikes)

    But no, no sound is better than a nice deep Harley V-twin. IMO.
  5. V8 sounds better.
  6. Sporty V Twins sound awsome, so do a lumpy V8,
    and even the VFR's and RVF Honda's sound cool too...

    but I wonder why common car V6's (of any make) sound lame

    And Oh yes...Firestorm any day of the week...over any car
  7. Well actually a V4 sounds better than both by sounding the closest to both by being in between.
  8. err. short stroke v-twin. on the over rev. popping, crackling. but then again, i'm biased. :grin:
  9. ducati sounds the best
  10. Chrysler RB, big block 440ci.

    Most amazing sound ever.
  11. hmm. v8. the sound the clubsport on song makes is just a wet dream of the ears. or the burble of the old muscle cars. I think its just a deeper richer note than a twin can manage.
  12. Does it really matter what it sounds like?

    But for arguments sake, I prefer the sound of a high-revving euro v8. That angry shriek.
  13. F*** YES?!! :LOL:

    Sound is a huge part of the appeal of any fast toy.

    Ive always theorised that people want a vehicle that sounds like a large predator.

    Lion roaring = v twin
    Howling = ferrari

    see see? :p
  14. Cant go past the note of a V8, more so the later cars. :twisted:

    But then i never did get to hear Vic's SP1 ... :shock:
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  16. There was a SP1 on the TNMR one time i went that shot blue flames had spikes for bolts and almost blew my helmet off when i was behind it with about 2k rpm!

    and lol at all the little kits and commodores, wise up kiddies commodore V8's sound like wet farts compares to real cars, Oldsmobile V8 sounds like Satan.. Rover V8's = awesome, the 3.5 in the early range rovers could vibrate your fillings out from a K a way.
  17. I dig the sound of most Ducatis.
    I'm also partial to the sound of pitlane speed limited V8's . It sounds like some sort of distant Blitzkrieg erupting... :cool:
  18. i have both

    i have a 4L V8 and a 1.8L Vtwin, i've had/have harleys too, and at low rpm nice smooth sounding pipes they are great, but drag pipes and thrashing a stockish harley is just an offensive sound!

    my 1.8twin has stock pipes and isnt single crankpin like a harley, at low rpm under high load it's got a similar sound to a harley sort of, but pull it around to 7500rpm and it's much more like a V8 i love it

    that said the 4L quad cam 32v Ancient V8 my 1991 model car has with barley any exhaust mods (factory twin system) is freeking awesome, smooth from idle to 6500rpm under load it a deep sounding 8 considering it's small capacity, but @ redline it sounds like a farken rocket, to get the same noise from an old pushrod 2 valve V8 you need to be pushing atleast 8500rpm

    i've had old school V8's too, chrysler V8's (rember old cars) sound the best in my opinion... new chevs do nothing for me, awesome performers but sound like a can of farts..

    some duc's are nice too but arent they an L twin ;)

    V8 for me
  19. Mate's Dad has a Mustang Fastback (LHS and everything!) that made my V6 commodore with pacemaker system sound like a hyundai excel. I'll never forget the first time I heard that car.
  20. V8 anyday. More specifically Audi V8's :cool:

    Speaking of cool sounds, on my ride today i was with a Ferrari F430 spider. Did about 100kms behind him. What a delight although he should of revved it a bit harder the sook LOL.