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What sort of security device should i buy??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. hey guys, with crime ever on the increase in tasmania :LOL: i thought of gettin some sort of security device... now i have never seen any on bikes before but i have heard of immobilisers and chains and alarms :) so what would you guys recommend i get? thanks in advance for your help and thoughts! :)

  2. Armed guard with Doberman... or if your a little strapped for cash, buy a lock & chain.
  3. Big Abus chain and padlock to attach the bike to a solid object.

    Immobiliser won't stop a professional thief as they'll just lift the bike into a van (same comment applies to any lock that doesn't attach the bike to the landscape). Two lengths of wood through the wheels, four blokes and 15 seconds; no more bike.

    Personal opinion, alarms are a waste of money unless they alert you. Joe Public doesn't care and will ignore it. Thieves know this.

    Suggest getting all major body, engine and chassis components engraved with an ID number (maybe the VIN). Makes it less attractive for parts or as a track bike.

    If you do go for an alarm or immobiliser, be careful who you get to fit it. I've ripped out a couple of alarms (on my own bike :grin: ) and they were so badly hooked into the bike's wiring loom that they presented a serious reliability issue and, in one case, a major fire risk. Professionally fitted too.

    I've always tended to own bikes that noone wanted to brush up against, let alone steal, which may also have helped :LOL: .
  4. If your bikes a NSR125 with TYRGA kit, this is going to be a lifters dream (light (easy to lift) and in demand) so disc locks will not do much and immobalisers are avaliable but i would go a thick chain and park where you can chain it to something hard to remove.
  5. hey thanks for all your input and help :) looks like i will go with a nice big fat chain :p @ close to 100kg it is really light so from what you guys said there is pretty much no point in getting a immobiliser or disclock :idea: Thanks again :)
  6. There is no alarm on the market that will protect your bike from a thief. They will protect your bike against young folk that are interested in seeing what your bike "feels like" as they sit on it.

    As I see it, this is the best protection for your bike.
  7. Well.. I've got myself a scorpio alarm that is going to be installed.

    Gives me peace of mind.

    but really if someone wants to steal your bike, that's what they'll do.
  8. Agreed, they don't do much to stop theves (and probably kill your battery in no time like my car alarm does).

    However they can bring your insurance premiums down... I'm not sure which products do this or by how much.
  9. Thanks Vic :) i will have a look into that for sure! have a nice day guys and thanks again for all your imput! :grin:
  10. a) Comprehensive insurance
    b) GPS tracking device (WITH a remote monitoring plan)

    In both circumstances, you would have a very low risk of losing your bike/money, however the price for both is quite expensive...
  11. Agreed.
  12. or do what i do... turn it into a stunt bike :LOL:

    nobody wants to steal a beater with a dented tank, big sprocket (slow getaway) that is instantly recognisable

    also park next to newer fancier bikes... they are the decoy
  13. :LOL: that is exactly my strategy, My bike looks like shite and I always park near really nice looking bikes.
  14. The GPS tracking thing is a good idea :p how much would one of those set me bak in general?? haha and btw my nsr is not the hottest looking one of bikes in launnie, its got two dents in the tank, the previous owner probably did put them in to decrease the chance of it gettin stolen haha :LOL: i will also try to park to more expensive bikes, i mean if you had the choice of stealing a nsr and a R1 which one would you take :LOL: and i will only use the bike for fun on the wekend otherwise prob just transport to school and work(maccaz hehe :p) which is normally pretty busy so that would decrease the chance too i reckon :wink: thanks again!
  15. The NSR.

    Lighter, easier to pinch.
    And Learner bikes always have a pretty decent demand for spare parts.

    But then again, I wouldn't actually steal either.

    ... coz I'm not a thieving c&%$ who deserves to die slowly and painfully.
  16. Haha thats nice to know that there are positive things about the NSR (its light, easy to pinch etc :LOL: ). All i have pretty much heard is that they are dwarf bikes with no power :evil:
    sounds like i really have to watch out for buggers wanting to steal learner bikes just to make spare parts out of them :cry: you know how much one of those GPS tracking devices go for?
  17. Dan Wesson springs to mind
  18. Nope. But you could get a quote off this mob.
  19. agreed :wink:

    Give these guys a buzz, i was about to go with them (they have specific pricing) but i ended up going with plan 'a'.
    quiktrak bike pricing
    this should give you a ballpark figure to go on..