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What sort of gear!? Jeans? Nylon? Leather?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Booki, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Gday guys, hopefully tomorrow ill be going gear shopping....its not safe to ride around in globe's, a jumper, jeans and jacket!!

    I am new to the road bike gear scene...
    What sort of top should i get?
    Does it have to be a jacket?
    Is there something i can kinda wear all year around, but it would be mainly for summer. Also gloves, how much should i spend what should i look for? Same question with boots, pants and top...

    I have a helmet at least he he.

    But yer....riding in just a helmet, some dirtbike gloves, jeans, jumper/jacket and runners is not good!!!

    Any recommendation and advice would be tip top!!!
  2. Hi m0tyrider,

    (remember I'm still very much a noob so this is not gospel - just what I've read / found). It also depends what kind of riding - freeway speeds (leather) or communting (perhaps textiles more suited).

    From everything I've read nothing protects like leather - pants, jacket, gloves and boots. I'm finding mine getting pretty hot in spring tho - there's always the option of getting perforated leathers tho.

    Some textiles have the option of layers - my RJays jacket has a thermal layer and a rainproof layer - both can be removed from the jacket which leaves a well vented and armoured jacket for summer. Same with pants.

    Draggin's seem popular and comfortable - I'm a little unsure about how much protection they actually provide tho.

    Leather gloves - I have 2 sets, winter and summer. Winter ones I find make the controls a little harder to use, summer ones provide good tactile feedback.

    Boots - full boots to provide shin protection.

    Armour - knees, thighs, elbows, sholders and spine.

    Plenty of options out there - you just need to find what works for you, is within budget and most importantly protects you.

    Have a read through the forums tho - plenty of other people more knowledgable and experienced than me here.

    Wayne :grin:
  3. basically in summer, anything that protects you will be hot if your not moving fast enough. so might as well get the best gear then! you can find leathers with perforated sections and stretch panels which help it to breathe.

    i find my leathers the most comfortable of all my gear. the leather pants especially have stretched to the shape of my leg and they are far more comfortable then either my dririders or hornee jeans. obviously the downside is you need to change into something else when you reach your destination otherwise youll overheat and/or look like a tool.
  4. I agree with ewaynemorgan regarding the Draggins or Hornee jeans. They are kevlar lined in the knee caps and backside, but lack protection elsewhere. I have read of NetRiders getting gravel rash on the unprotected parts of their legs. They are 100% fashionable and 70% safe.

    Personally I would look at something like the RJays All-Season Jacket for $300 and the RJays All-Season Pants for $170. The jacket has a zip in/out waterproof liner and zip in/out thermal liner. The pants have a zip in/out waterproof liner.

    Both are made from Cordura 600D, a nylon textile which has abrasion resistance nearly as good as kevlar and leather. The major downside is its good for one major slide only.

    Go to BikeMart in Ringwood and get a 10% discount on the RRP when you flash your NetRider membership card. They are a dedicated motorbike gear shop, and have excellent staff.

    I would advocate the textiles over the leathers because its no use having leathers if you are too stuffed to put them on during a 30+ degree day.
  5. "I would advocate the textiles over the leathers because its no use having leathers if you are too stuffed to put them on during a 30+ degree day."
    id prefer to be slinging on leathers on a hot day than not been able to wear anything for months while doctors put my ass on my legs for skin grafts, coz i slided for a couple of seconds longer than the textile material lasted.

    mate i have A* 2 pc suit..its white aswell, that i wear everywhere, unless its a quick trip down to the shops, and yeh people look coz i look like a poweranger, but id prefer to get looks than be on one of those commercials where they are picking footy shorts outa my legs.
    for gear id say buy LEATHER! all leather, leather pants, leather jacket. i find my stuff breaths really well in the heat and is warm in the cold. as for raining i just get rained on, it doesnt really absorb the water or anything so its ok, if your really worried buy one of those massive dri-rider poncho things that go over all your stuff to keep you dry, that way you can still have your leathers on. get some real boots, i rkn those leather slipper looking things that people wear around at work aswell are useless, get something like A* supertech R, i have the puma 1000's, if i come off i want to be able to walk away! gloves - pretty much what ever feels good with some knuckle protection.
  6. textiles will give u enough protection as it is...

    but it does make a huge difffernce when its hot..

    I have both a dririder and two leather jackets. I prefer to wear leather beacuse ...

    well just beacuse lol
  7. You're starting out, if you're like me you want one set of gear at first.

    The rjays suggested offer year round water proof crash protection for a reasonable price.

    Get some decent boots - above the ankle if not specialist motorcycle boots.

    Get some summer leather gloves - you can get an inner glove when the weather gets colder. Get a neck warmer when it gets colder as well.

    Yes there's better stuff out there but it's a matter of deciding what's right for you.
  8. +1. you're in melbourne so if you ride regularly the temp will range from 2 in winter (less if you ride in the hills) to 40+ in summer and its hard to get one set of gear to cover that range. I find leather is uncomfortable above 25 and wear fabric for nearly all my road riding. in winter I wear thermals and fleece underneath, in summer a t-shirt. have a mesh jacket for the real heat. Once you've got a basic riding outfit you can add stuff as you need it.
  9. Well, i just want a set of gear for summer at the moment. I bought this bike just to get around cheaply during summer because of the nice weather.

    So its not worth getting kevlar jeans :S

    Dam...i just want something that looks a little fashionable but will at least protect me to some extent. Saves me carrying a bag everywhere i go to change clothes...
  10. draggins are fine. I suspect most of us have a pair. get knee pads though.
  11. Leathers provide the best abrasion restistance commonly available when they're being worn. However, if it's 40 deg and you think fsck it - too hot for leathers, I'll squid for a bit. Then the leathers have zero abrasion restistance.

    I think it'd be a fair clip that you would have to fall from in order for decent textile gear to wear through.
  12. Ok guys just a update on my gear situation. I went out today and bought some Dri Rider leather gloves, though im not super comfortable with them....They feel i dunno strange as appose to dirt bike gloves.

    I also bought a nylon jacket, it is branded "Motoline" has some paddings in the arms/elbows, sholders and back. Seems ok for the price compared to the more expensive dri rider jackets.

    How do you guys think i did?

    $230 on the jacket.
    $50 on the gloves, got them for a total of $250.
  13. youll get used to the gloves. i had downhill bike gloves when i had a scooter and then i realised how stupid that was and went and bought some dririder touring leather gloves...wearing them flet like sausage fingers but your brain soon adapts.. besides you will be glad youve got them if you come of. now all you need is some boots with some ankle protection and something for your legs
  14. If your main priority is getting some gear that will be comfortable enough to wear for one to two hours after you get to your destination, then Draggins jeans are the best option. I'm wearing them right now at uni, typing this post while not listening to my lecturer. Could wear them all day ... Vic does. Twistngo is right, most riders have a pair.

    They do classic jeans, faded jeans, silver jeans, camos in half a dozen colours, and cargo pants in khaki and black. The have soft kevlar (stuff used in bulletproof vests) in the inside, covering the knees, side of the thighs, and buttocks. You could still get some gravel rash on your calves if in a really bad slide, but the kevlar covers the key areas. Not as good as leather, but still pretty darn good.

    As far as price goes, go to Bikemart in Ringwood. The classics retail for $209, and Brian there offered them to me for $187 without my having to ask. The faded jeans / camos / cargos will cost extra. Brian even let me walk out to my bike, wearing the jeans before I paid for them, to sit on the bike and ensure the size was correct.

  15. Beauty ill have to check out ringwood then!
    Did they have the other styles in stock? As in the faded pairs?
    How much extra were they?
  16. Pop in and have a look in Yamaha City - they have most of the jeans for $198 - I picked up a pair of Hornee jeans from there on Wednesday
  17. I think you have an overly pessimistic view of textiles, mate! The latest 600 Denier Cordura or equivalent should provide sufficient protection around town and at LEGAL freeway speeds. I've seen some before and afters in person, and have faith in my 600D textiles. Fanging it down at Phillip Island is a completely different matter.

    It is so incredibly hard to get some reliable impartial data that enables comparison between kevlar, textiles and leather. This is the best I can do. Bear in mind they are in the business of selling 1000 Denier Cordura.

    Tear resistance is important in the moment you hit the ground. Abrasion resistance is important during the slide. Take what you will. For me it says that 600 Denier Cordura is not as good as leather in tear resistance, but provides comparable abrasion resistance, and is a damn sight better than normal jeans or casual clothes.

  18. Bikemart Ringwood have all the Draggins I listed. Price wise, the RRPs can be found here. If you flash your NetRider card and tell them you were referred from this forum, you could probably expect a 10% discount.

  19. seeing your in Melbourne..go for the leather, that's if you only want one jacket..I lived in Melbourne and found it to be adequate..Now in QLD I need both, leather and summer jacket..ventilated...

    What ever you get, make sure it's good stuff.