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What sort of fuel consuption should i expect ? '85 CBX250...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kazjim, May 22, 2005.

  1. hey all, been riding a "loaner" CBX250 to work every day for the last 2 months.... (180Klm round trip)

    I seem to put about 7 litres of fuel in it a day... so I'm guesstimating about 5L/Km ?

    sound close to average for that model/similar ?

    I'm also looking at buying (first!!yay!!) a Volusia or Shadow 800/750 ...
    They seem to be rated a very similar milage ! (7L/Km ish....)

    So either the CBX is a drinker or the Volusia is a real miser ! - its 3 times larger and uses 1L/100km more !!

    Thanks all, stay upright
  2. Oh my god!!!!

    you should drive my car it would be cheaper.... and being V6 she likes a drop or two.....

  3. i think you've mixed up your explanation a little, 7 litres to the kilometre :p
  4. Thats travelling @110 in sixth, at about 6k rpm ....

    it certainly isnt happy...... BUT until i can get the cruiser, I'll continue to wring this little weasels neck... :)

  5. Shit, stupid, stupid me........

    been a long, long day and only a 1 klm ride......

  6. Still think that's a bit heavy on the gas. I get about 30km/L or about 3.5L/100km. Admittedly, I'm riding a newer bike and fairly sedately but it is city driving which would possibly be less fuel efficient than your squirt along the freeway. I can still get a similar sort of consumption when freeway riding, providing there's not a headwind...:LOL:
  7. welll from back in the post, i cant quote but the gpx riders were sayin 3/100km on highway.....

    eh i dunno, my bike is more accurate and closer to yours, but mine does suck up alotta petty..