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What sort of accommodation do you like?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NZebra, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Just curious as to what everyone likes or prefers. OK so you're away for a long weekend with your mates (guys and gals) given everyone has different budget considerations do you use:

    (a) High end hotels
    (b) Motel style or B&B
    (c) Cheap, cheerful, clean (e.g. backpacker style or park cabins)
    (d) Canvas/swag as in take your own

    and, as far as feeding the inner man, or woman, do you prefer:

    (a) fast food
    (b) hotel restaurant, RSL, sports club
    (c) home cooked by say B&B host
    (d) cook your own e.g. in your park cabin or the BBQ.

    Appreciate the security of one's "iron steed" is an all important factor in the above mix. :)
  2. You know there is a "Poll" option at the bottom of the post window when you create a post, that way people would only have to click on the one they want and not go to the trouble of writing a reply...

    Plus a mod might move this to the off topic section or delete it as its not really bike related.

    So get your angry face ready in advance.
  3. Moved to off topic so he can just frown a little ;)

    In answer to question the answer is:
    depends on the circumstances.
  4. Budget permitting, I'd go (a) for the first question and (b) for the second, but as you say (and I suspect this is the motivation for your question) on a group ride or event that has to mean 'everyone's budget permitting', and some compromise may be necessary.

    I like my privacy when on holiday, so definitely not a B&B situation where I have to socialise with strangers (shudder).
  5. OP missed listing "do you respond to useless polls?"
  6. Sounds like someone is putting a business plan together... :wink:
  7. e) find a cheapish nice house

    e) catch our own. then cooked.
  8. Depends on the circumstances and those of my companions, but my personal preferences when travelling are:

    1. high-end hotels
    2. B&B

    1. restaurant
    2. home-cooked
  9. High-end resorts/ hotels/ B&Bs. Love my luxury :cool:

    (Lillypilly's in Maleny is superb)

    Prefer a decent restaurant, though my wife is a chef, so I don't mind a home-cooked meal either :grin:
  10. When we're on the road we're happy with a cheap motel and a pub dinner.
  11. When you're asleep, the quality of the room is pretty irrelevant

    country pubs

    cheap, usually a good bistro, friendly owners and almost always they'll rustle up some secure storage for the bike.

    Commercial Hotel at Bega, for example, $30!!!
  12. On the road in a group with bikes I prefer country pubs for the atmosphere.

    If I'm by myself I'm more likely to stay in a midrange motel.

    If I'm with Jodz then the star rating of the motel tends to nudge higher :LOL:
  13. accommodating :grin:
  14. A bondage dungeon - well hosed down - is always a plus
  15. Had to get out of the house the other night, oldest sons 18th, kicked us out of the house.
    Packed up the tent, my new ex had to tag along as well, so pitched it, seperate beds and he still managed to stuff up the zip on an early morning run.

    My preference - further away HAHA
  16. I like the way you think..
  17. Accomodation: Almost anywhere there is flat ground, really cnt sleep on inclines these days.

    Food: Anything except brussel sprouts and seafood.

    Though a comfy bed with actual sheets and pillows would be nice.