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What size is your bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cnstr, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. 250cc or smaller

  2. up to 600cc

  3. up to 750cc

  4. up to 900cc

  5. up to 1000cc

  6. over 1000cc

  1. what if you have more than 1 bike? :)

  2. I cant be the only 900 rider where r all the others.
  3. nope, you are not!
  4. I would have thought there would be more big bike riders on here.... :eek:
    Go the 600's. 8)
  5. xjr 1300...there is a god
  6. Remember boy's and girls, it's not the the size it's how you use it !

    Had my 98 CB600 Hornet for 3 years now and have been able to keep up most things if not go past them . :LOL:
  7. That's a dirty lie 8)
  8. I guess, neither of you have seen my tongue then....
  9. 8) 900's are cool
  10. :evil: hey !!!!!! i'm not an L plater
  11. Me Niether! CBR100F-A delight to ride.
  12. I meant 1000F :)
  13. I think here in australia there is a ignorance of the pressence of the motorbikes on the road, the car drivers arn`t yet educated with us. Therefore i decided to buy my 600 ducati monster. i think a 600 hundred size is perfect for riding in Australia, unless u are a very very careful rider (note my case though).
    My opinion does not include the harleys or other cruissers, they are all fine even in antartica :)
  14. I want one of those ----- vfr1200 ??
  15. 250cc's reign supreme
  16. Interesting that there is a lot of 250's. Just moved from 250 to 1000 and I can say, W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  17. 1100cc twins rock!!!!!!
  18. Zombie thread. Stab it in the brain....
  19. Awesome thread revival, nearly 11 years!! (y)

    A smooth 1215 triple.
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