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What size gear do all the short folks wear? SDD!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by karl2ltgc, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to get some leathers, probably two piece becuase i wanna ride faster an get out on the track ect ect.

    So i figure we could have a short dude database. SDD for short. Pun intended. :p

    Anywho il start with myself.

    5'2 and 63kgs at last check. I have a chest and a waist like people should.
    Ive got a small Joe Rocket UFO Mesh Jacket that fits me well
    & 46/36XS Dri-Rider Jacket that is pretty tight.
    Size Small Helmet and small Joe Rocket Speedmaster6
    42 EUR Sidi B2 Boots, perfect fit. I'm usually a 7 or 8

    I wear size 28 Shift Jeans that fit nicely and 30 Draggins that are a little tight.

    Anyways the point of this is to see how other short dude go according to sizing so i can find out what size in what brand would likely fit me. Yes everyone is different but i figure it can only help to see what other in the same predicament as me are wearing.

    For the record im on a 98 R1 :)

    So if we can get short guys on here to help each other out with sizing and stuff that would be great.
    Cheers Karl
  2. Hmm, Karl you wouldn't happen to be working in the City, wouldja? Somewhere in William St building? :)

    I'm 165cm, daily use:
    - Motodry "Duo" XS
    - Frank Thomas leather pants (leftover from my old biking days in UK) Orig size 28, altered (by leather-specialist in Bayswater) to 32".
    - Gloves: Dririder "Air" or sumting, lined
    - Boots: Set-up

    Warmer days:
    - 2 pc Hybrid (textile-leather) suit from Starider www.starider.com.au
    - Scorpion leather jacket (perforated front)
    - Fieldsheer gloves (also another UK leftover)

    Helmet is Shoei XR1000 & RF700 both size M.

    I also use a beanie which I cut the top off & slip down my head covering neck to nose! I'm too cheap to get a proper neck-warmer! :grin:

    2pc (full) leathers - try ebay, lotsa stuff there esp US websites. Drawback is if it doesn't fit, it'll cost a bomb to ship back. That's why every now n then you'll find people attempting to sell brand new US imported gear here.
  3. Heh, nah i got to victoria uni on flinders st, i often park around that area though. And my bike does standout a bit.

    I got a neck warmer from cozy moto on ebay for $7.95 delivered. Love it.
  4. Im about 168cm and weigh 56-57kg.

    Ive got the smallest Teknic Chicane leather jacket you can buy here (Maybe 48 or something)
    32" Draggin cammos
    Medium Teknic Chicane gloves
    Size 42 oxtar Abe replica's
    AGV helmet in small.

    The gloves are a touch long in the fingers, but only just.
    I also wear a spine protector under the jacket, i have removed the one thats in the jacket.
    My gear seems to fit really nice, but my helmets all packed out and in desperate need of replacing.