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What size Bike Trailer?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Caz no 2, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Would a Suzuki VL250 Intruder fit on a normal 6x4 motorbike trailer? Checking trailers on ebay and just want to make sure it will fit.

  2. 1520mm wheelbase plus half of each wheel + tyre. is that less than 6 foot?
  3. The middle slots on the 3 bike trailers are normally longer and look like they are around 7ft at least 2100mm. But if the wheels fit fine, is it ok to have about 10cm overhang?
  4. yeah i reckon it should be sweet, just make sure its tied down nicely and off you go.

    hang on, by overhang you mean what? if both wheels are in the channels at the bottom fully it would be fine.
  5. Sorry I mean if both wheels are firmly on the trailer but have the exhaust and brake light just over end of trailer.
  6. the bike will be on, no problems about that.

    i cant remember exactly but for some things that overhang you're gotta put a reflective thing on them, bike has a light anyway and that has a reflector.

    just something to remember really when you're towing it i guess.
  7. Thanks JimmyD :)
  8. I towed my bike back and forth from the seller and mechanic with the wheel sticking out the back...there was no back gate since it couldn't be closed anyways but was sticking about 10-15cm at it's furthest. Didn't get pulled over when the coppers drove past me. As long as it is tied down well and sturdy...I don't think you will be hassled.

    If you plan on carting the bike around more often, you can cut the front of the trailer to slot the front wheel and calipers through, weld in a bracket to stop the bike rolling forward and it should be good. That's what I did for my 6x4 for the track bike.