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What size bike do you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mustard, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. 1cc - 250cc

  2. 251cc - 500cc

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  3. 501cc - 749cc

    0 vote(s)
  4. 750cc - 999cc

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  5. 1000cc - 2400cc

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  6. i am so sick of these polls

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  1. Just thought it would be interesting to know which size of bike is the most common choice for Net-riders. Which capacity range has the biggest member base?

    I have tried to cover each group as evenly as possible without having too many categories either. Also, apologies if this has been done before.....but try searching under "engine capacity" etc and see how many threads you get..... :p

  2. I ride a little bike. :(
  3. There was supposed to be an 1100+ category, but it has not uploaded and I can't seem to edit it..... :(
  4. An 1100 is basicly a 1099.
  5. Mine is a VTR 250 so i guess it is the first option.

    Once off restricitons tho, hmmmmmm, many enjoyable hours test riding anything and everything.
  6. SPADA here but same feelings... test rides will be fun... when the time comes.
  7. I want my 650 bad.. vtwin YUM
  8. :roll:

    Not again
  9. VTR250 (so yes, its a 250 :p )... drooling over a daytona 675 or a duc for my next bike... in 18 months :p
  10. 650cc parallel twin (Kawasaki ER6F)
  11. never had the heads of ,but when i do ill tell ,goes better then a 500 , its straight of the race track 27year old pantah dm500 :shock:
  12. I ride a black wun!
  13. only one 1000cc rider...
  14. matt? flowers cost to much today im broke
  15. 125.
    a little bike, with a big heart
  16. 636.

    For Now...
  17. little but oh so sexy loki

    gs500f here well for the next couple of weeks, its upgrade time
  18. 0CC's at the moment... will live again soon.
  19. Mustard .. It looks like you ride a bird as do I... so Im down for the 1000 and over.. surprising stats already??