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What size are Ventura rack bolts/screws?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Ariseno, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey fellow riders, I've got a problem. ](*,)

    I have a ventura rack on my 2006 Vtr 250 but the two bolts that secure the rack to the L-bracket are missing. When I ride with the rack on it always almost slips out completely. So my question is what size bolt should I buy from bunnings? :-s

    I should have asked the seller of my bike for the securing bolts but she's left] Australia and I didn't think of it because I'm a noob bike rider.( 3 weeks now)

    Any comments are appreciated. =D>

  2. Wow thanks Bobcat for the info. I could not wait so I went to Bunnings and purchased
    6M bolts. They fit perfectly, I must see if they stay in though. I'll keep the reference in mind if my bolts fail.

  3. Use a nut on the bolt to work as a lock nut then they wont come undone,
  4. no worries! as long as it's holding things together tight that's all you need!
  5. hey bobcat, just picked up a rack on the cheap for my bike but need the bolts...have said 6m bolts you've purchased stood the test of time ?
  6. Bit of blue lock-tight and you'll be fine..........

    Don't use red
  7. Per the above, note though that the blue threadlock from loctite comes in a red bottle lol.
  8. We use all sorts of threadlocks at work.
    At one time, we had Blue 'Locktight' in a red bottle & a different brand, Red in a blue bottle!!!
    Confusing to say the least!!! :-s