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What side do you mount the bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Left side.

  2. Right side.

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  3. Whatever, doesn't really matter!

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  4. Lone Ranger style, two hands on the pillion seat and jump on!

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  1. Because of where I park my bike I always climb aboard from the right hand side of the bike, seems a little awkward sometimes as the bike leans the other way on the stand, so......what side? Are bikes like horses, you are supposed to mount only from the left? :grin:

  2. Left side, but funnily enough, I often dismout to the right. Perhaps I'm subconsciously trying to balance the brain hemispheres.....
  3. You are a clown.
  4. I jump on over the rear, only when im feeling energetic, which doesn't happen often in my old age.
  5. Mount and dismount on the left side. Tried to get on the other side once and nearly dropped it! Also the stand is on the left, so It's just easier.
  6. 940mm seat height, doesn't leave much choice :LOL:
  7. Always from the left. It just seems safer to me as it can't be pulled off the stand in the process. I did grow up with horses though so it could be just habit. :)
  8. I definitely prefer to mount from the left as it's the lower side, but at work I park next to a wall on my left, so have to mount from the right. My bike's little so I can manage it. Don't think I could on anything much bigger.
  9. This is almost as good as Hornet600's post on which glove you put on first ?
    hahahaha ! :LOL:

    Whats the next Poll question ?
    . . . when pressed hard up agains the tank, does it hang to the left or right ? :eek:
  10. Leave him alone! He's got a post count to maintain.


    ps. Where's the option for: I'm so fat they lower me on from a crane?
  11. :LOL: :LOL:
  12. My friend told me a while back he always dismounted on the left hand side. Why? because as he brings his right leg over the bike on the dismount, he can look down the road behind him - and have a reduced risk of being run over (compared with dismounting on the right). Is it right or wrong.. i dont know.. but thats what he does.. :wink:
  13. Horsey person here.....always on the left.

    Same as when I'm walking....if I stop at a road, I always step off with my left foot as my dogs have always been trained to heel without voice command when I move my left foot.

    Old habits die hard (you boys need to try changing your signature to a new one when you get married!!!! It's hard!!!!)

  14. Yup another Horse rider here,

    Pull the left handle bar hard down and mount from the left, stops you getting bitten by the bad tempered ones. (it's a horse thing :LOL: )
  15. we were taught in the Stay Upright course to always mount and dismount from the left so you can hold your front brake... so i'm a leftie... also comes from horse riding when i'm young, i feel weird getting on the right!
  16. Left on left off.....I was going to say something crass...but now I'm a good girl.... :oops:
  17. anyway, doesn't really matter for a bloke with lanky legs.

    I want a bike with a center stand so i can run and jump onto it from behind, start her up and wizz off into the distance, accidentally letting cards with my number on it fly out of my pocket for the ladies.
  18. I go both ways, but usually left. If I am parked at home against the wall, it's easier to go right...well, as easy as it can be with a wide, tall beast like teh GTR.....sometimes it's like mounting a camel!

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. left, it leans that way, if i'm parked on the road my foot's pretty much already on the footpath... just easier.
  20. I thought I always clambered aboard from the left...subconsciously I guess I just automatically move to that side...

    However, like someone else said I park next to a wall at work and have never thought twice about the fact that I'm getting on from the other side...

    I'll probably be thinking about it when go home later and push my bike over into the wall by accident - fingers crossed i havent just jinxed myself :grin: