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What should the MRA (VIC) discuss at their next meeting?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Here are the things that spring to my mind:

    1) Focused discussions on methods to bring a greater level of communication, and organisation between all Riding clubs and associations with the MRA - Vic

    2) Developing and implementing a media relations policy

    3) The role of motorcycles in the current road toll figures - including a frank and forthright discussion of the current spike in motorcycle fatalities

    4) Take suggestions for a low-budget to no-budget campaign to improve the image of motorcycles and motorcyclists in the public eye

    5) The outcome of the Ken Lay meeting

    6) Post-ride analysis following the Awareness Ride

    7) Lobbying for faster action on those points of the PTW strategy that are of most benefit to riders (eg bus lanes, filtering, bicycle/two-wheeler lanes)

    8) Pro-active strategy regarding the proposed congestion tax for Melbourne CBD, similar to the campaign run by MAG in the UK for the London congestion tax

    Does anybody else have things that they think the MRA should be talking about when they meet on Wednesday?

    (7 pm, Wednesday 21st July, Bell's Hotel, Moray St, South Melbourne - all welcome)
  2. shouldn't 3 have been brought up by now?

    And I think at #1 should be
    "Focused discussions on methods to bring a greater level of communication, and organisation between all Riding clubs and associations with the MRA - Vic"

    Followed by your number 4 then the rest in order of appearance up there.
  3. yep i thought we were going to get an update on issue no. 3
  4. Thanks guys - I've altered the list accordingly. Excellent suggestion Thera.

    Any other thoughts?
  5. new #1

    "Communicate better with those people who are currently paying attention to us".
  6. a push for driver training for taxi drivers, so that they can eventually become competent enough to try out for an Australian drivers licence.
  7. A motion for the purchase of sturdy ropes and tall chairs.

    For use at their next meeting.

  8. This is a board meeting - not a general meeting or a planning meeting. It's the usual meeting to conduct the boring but essential admin stuff of the organisation. Members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend but they need to be aware that it's not necessarily the place to discuss strategies etc. They also need to be aware that by the time various admin stuff gets doe there probably isn't time for other items.

    However one thing that should come from it is the time and place of another planning meeting like the last one we had, where all these things can be put first on the agenda and properly discussed.

  9. And THIS is the problem we have with the way it is run currently.
    Too much administrative stuff and not enough real discussion as outlined above. it's no different than a public service meeting to discuss another meeting so that you can then decide on an action meeting to meet and discuss action following further consultation with members so that an action plan can be made to discuss further actions in a meeting scheduled after the next board meeting in 6 months time.
  10. Longer straws on breath test machines so I don’t have to take off my nice warm helmet like I had to last night.
  11. Bullshit!

    Every organisation has administrative business to be carried out on a day to day basis. that's what this meeting is about.

    We still need to carry out the day to day administration. Trying to plan the sort of political action we need to be doing at the same meeting just leads to neither being done well - and the situation you describe. By the time the housekeeping work is done people are bored shitless and just want to get out of there.

    At this meeting the board can set a date for another planning meeting where the actions can be worked out. By making it a seperate meeting to the board meeting it can also be open to anyone who wishes to attend - member or not.

    Maybe we should have set a date for debriefing and future planning after the recent ride but no-one thought of it.

    All the mundane stuff like treasurers reports and correspondence is still there. The stuff like toy run reports and other such things still need to be tabled and discussed and decisions made - you know, all the tedious stuff that puts people off. It doesn't just magically happen - I wish it did.
  12. Is this jokes and Humor?
  13. I don't know how you would reform this arrangement, Smee. The Board of any club/association needs to meet to get functional things done, outside of the wider forum of general meetings. At least in this case it is open to scrutiny rather than the closed ('cloak and dagger'?) arrangement that most clubs adopt.
    In truth, if what you want is debate it should be taken it to a general meeting instead. (Assuming they are frequent enough).
  14. I understand this but lots of the more mundane stuff can be done on the quiet the stuff zenali has proposed needs to be discussed more frequently and in more detail, not pushed aside to discuss toy runs etc.
    Have a subcommittee or something to discuss strategy and then report to the board.
    As Tony mentioned where was the debrief after the protest run?
    We still have not heard anything about the meeting with Ken Lay.
    Waiting for meeting to happen to discuss meetings is very bureaucratic
  15. We have quarterly general meetings under the constitution. I would rather like to see them as every second month but we'd probably need a constitutional change to do it.

    The idea of planning meetings (like the last one we had) which can be held more frequently as required - and made open to non-members to contribute - is probaly the best way.
  16. I understand that housekeeping needs to take place. But there are real issues facing motorcyclists, and the momentum from the awareness ride is already flagging. If we lose this chance to invigorate the motorcycling community we may not get another for a long, long time.

    If this turns out to be a non-event you will lose the support of many of the people who joined up over the past month or two specifically to galvanise the MRA.

    That would be a shame and a waste - an opportunity lost through a clear failure to act. There are people who are presently willing to stand up and put their time and effort into increasing the clout of the MRA. If the board doesn't take notice you might not get another chance to bring these people into the fold.
  17. I know what you are saying - but as a formal board meeting THIS meeting should be mainly administrative. I'm very annoyed that it could end up being another one that will go on through the necessary stuff and probably piss off people who come expecting something else.

    We need to have seperate meetings to deal with the planning. It's not a matter of dealing with things quietly in the abckground. We have formal requirements as an incorporated organisation and the board meetings are for these. The political action could be done seperately to allow a proper focus on it without distractions.
  18. Spot bloody on Zen.

    I've lost count of the number of people who have expressed they are withdrawing their (very short) support of the MRAV over the handling of the awareness ride and the issues that face them.

    ...and now they appear to want to carry on as 'business as usual'.

    I'll put it to you TonyE, if carrying on as business as usual were to lose you even more support, do you think that's the approach you should be taking?

  19. Sounds like a bad case of fiddling while Rome burns.....

  20. Hello all,

    my apologies for failing to communicate this properly but so we're all on the same page please note;

    We all agreed that having a debrief meeting was essential and we delayed until the earliest available time after the meeting with Deputy Commissioner Lay. Our monthly board meeting is also due and we have some business to attend which is what Tony was referring quite rightly to.

    So as to clear any confusion, this meeting tomorrow night will have a component the board will be meeting for prior to the special section from 7:30pm for which all members are invited, especially those who worked on or attended the Awareness ride. We hope to be finished with the boring stuff so we can concentrate on the issues at hand. As Zenali suggested with this thread there are many things to discuss but we may need to focus on a few specifics or we could be there all night...