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What should i wear to a cross dresser party?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by aerodynamic, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Going to a cross dressing 18th this saturday night..Wanting to get into the spirit of it.

    2 of mah best mates are going as school girls, i want to do something different.

    The nurse / maid is a no / no...i was thinking something like an office clerk all whored up?

    anyone got some ideas / expiriences of cross dresser partys?

    please share :D
  2. a dress with a cross on the front?
  3. Wear your normal clothes, and tell everyone you're ecstatic there's finally a party that suits you to a tee.
  4. A 16 year old asking grown adults how to cross dress.
    Can anyone else see something wrong here? :shock:
  5. Are you a man or a woman or a troll?
  6. things aren't so straight forward nowadays. lets not pressure him/her.
  7. Funny, I was just thinking about the same thing.
  8. knee-pads
  9. im a lad hoping to be a lass.
  10. I went to a party where someone dressed up as Dame Edna Everage. Did a really good job, right down to the sparkly glasses. Plus you get to call everyone possum :LOL:.
  11. I'm a cross dresser.... eg. if I'm getting dressed and I can't find my socks, I get really cross......... :grin: :grin:

  12. Hehe! Fixed :p

    Slightly off topic, I'd like to go to a party dressed up as Sir Les Patterson :grin:
    I'm so not a slob, so reckon that'd be a lotta fun for a change :LOL:
  13. if i were u, i'd lose the friends!
  14. Yeah you've got some weirdo friends
  15. Dress as your normal gender and announce that you don't conform to their non-conformests way of dressing.

    Or just where chaps without pants, sounds like your friends will enjoy that.
  16. -in the uniform of all your mates' favourite footy team.

    Walk in giving them all the finger.
  17. Go rocky horror picture show style.

    Ive seen it. :shock:

    It works.