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What should I have done?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by whoguy, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    Had a close one on friday. Was behind a ute which pulled into a RSL driveway. About 2-3m from the driveway a corolla parked parallel to the road pulls out suddenly to do a U-turn..... no signal no nothing... with me directly in it's path... I beeped swerved at the same time and just missed the corolla by a hair. I was about a car length behind the ute.

    In hindsight.... what should I have done????

    Here's the pic.

  2. I'm no expert but id put more distance between me & ute & be on the lookout for telltale signs from the other vehicle is there someone in car is car running
  3. Do you think you were int he ute's shadow (blind spot)? Perhaps the corolla did not have an opportunity to see you. Ever consider thinking in the 4th dimension, the other person's perspective? That person has no idea about bikes. I agree with the previous post.
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  4. You missed it, you did that right. Was there anything in hindsight that could have given you a clue to what he was about to do?
  5. Tend to agree with Jeffco.

    Forget the horn, noone hears them in a modern car.
  6. Interesting what time was it? Could you have been lost in the ute' s lights/shadow? So the car doing the u turn saw the ute but then just saw a gap?

    The text book answer says car turning into driveway with cars parked on the side of the road - roll off, cover , put yourself in a visible position etc

    In real life , RSL on a Friday, trust no car anywhere near it. Bad combination, old blokes, beer and general poor driving.

    No point with the horn, concentrate on what you are doing. Horn will at best make them freeze which sometimes is a bad thing if what you want is them to keep going with the turn as you have chosen to go behind them.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  7. I've fallen for something like this before. It's a really tough one to spot as it's hard to treat every parked car as a potential threat.
  8. It was night time... The only telltale sign was the corolla had it's lights on.... So someone was definately in the car....

    YES... I was in the shadow of the ute and the blind spot of the Corolla.... If I'd move to the left to make sure the Corolla can see me in it's mirrors, then I'd be vulnerable to a right turner from the oncoming traffic.
  9. Sometimes it's just a shitty driver and nothing you can do. Too busy plugging in iPhone/eating/drinking coffee/on phone etc and they only gave a cursory glance before pulling out. Glad you missed him/her.

    I had a similar situation 25 odd years ago when some chump pulled out from behind a parked truck and turned right across in front of me to go the other way. To make things worse, as I swerved left to avoid him and pass behind him, he slammed on brakes as he finally saw me. Boom, hit back of his ute and did the non-graceful air dance and landed sideways further down the road. Net damage, one torn ankle ligament, plenty bruises and a lot of swearing! Bike was an XT500 so it just shrugged off the whole event with no more than a bent mirror and scratches...

    Have replayed this plenty and literally nothing I could do!
  10. Damed if you do damed if you don't

    Lights on in the corolla was the biggest clue, you could not know he was going to u-turn but you could have been aware that he was going to pull out once the ute went past.

    Anyway you didn't hit the corolla so all in all good result.

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Good job to not come a cropper. Hope I handle it a similar way...
  12. Thanks for the replies people.... Good to hear you got back on the saddle after that chilli. Agree with all suggestions.... good insight Jem.... I really think Jeffco is right on this one..... I should have pulled back atleast 2-3 car lengths when I notice the lights on the corolla.

    That would have given him better vision of me and lowered my speed at the same time..... I'll have to keep this one in the memory bank for next time.

    Watch out for F#$%$ng cars stopped with lights on or with occupants..... F F F F.

    F'n lucky i always practice emergency counter steer at every chance I get. Ride safe everyone.
  13. Yes, riding is hard. Harden the F up or GTFO LOL.
  14. Disagree. Im surely not alone in checking out whether there are people sitting in parked cars. Have you never commuted on a pushbike? This is an essential survival skill.
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  15. Yes, agree that's normally the case - threat radar in full combat mode. This guy pulled out blind from behind a parked truck, I could not see him or his ute at all prior to him appearing in front of me. Just like someone pulling out fast from behind a wall - no vision at all, don't know what he was thinking...

    And I've had a number of spills, most my own fault and luckily minor, happy to fess up when I'm in the wrong (like hitting the back of a stopped BMW in rush hour 'cos I was late for Uni and trying to check the time on my watch under my jacket and whoops crunch). The one I described above, nothing to do but emergency brake/swerve but from 10 meters odd out you're on a hiding to nothing...
  16. If you don't recognize something as a threat there is very little you can do in regards to road craft. This is probably the type of situation which will take out the most experienced riders simply because it is so hard to predict. My point was the OP did well by avoiding it, it's a really tough one.

    The best thing you can do is watch the parked cars if you see any cars that are potential U turners roll off the throttle and cover the brake. The head start you've just given yourself on the reaction time is the best advantage you're going to get. Moving left may make you more visible. Moving right may give you a better chance of getting round the front, but both will do very little in comparison to covering the brake.
  17. Its a bit hard to be too critical if the driver could not see you. If you cant see him then he probably had no hope seeing you. He chanced his arm, but maybe you did too?

    Its about riding to the conditions. I guess we all struggle w that at times. Stats say it will bite you eventually.
  18. Yeah I agree with this. I especially like your little dig at the most experienced riders- not necessarily the best ;)
  19. Ok so would you pull out blindly across traffic? Bet you wouldn't. You'd either go left and u turn further up or more likely edge out slowly until you had done vision. He could've been hit be a semi trailer for all he knew...
    Certainly not chancing my arm here Brmmm, just tootling along at 60 odd in an urban area. Luckily not speeding in this case, although you could argue that if I was I wouldn't have been in the same space/time situation.
  20. Well I don't know the situation so I won't comment on that specific one except to say in general you cant always rely on others to drive how you or I might. Thats really my point here.

    As regards "just tootling along at 60 odd in an urban area".???!! It sounds like your brain is not engaged enough. Just comes across wrong. I'm guessing you really meant something more like "urban area...high alert...riding to conditions...on the lookout for hazards x,y and z with rsvape plans...