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What Should I Have Done Here?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ametha elf, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. So what should you do if passing a car, and that car speeds up to match whatever speed you are doing (and I was moving along pretty rapidly), and you are riding right up to the top of a blind hill and he still wont let you in? This happened yesterday, out on a country road, and I swear the guy had his window down and was laughing. Im just thankful there were no vehicles coming the other way over the hill. Even when I did get in front, he sat no more than a foot from from me for a fair distance until slowing right down to a crawl and I eventually lost him in the distance. (Hubby was a fair way out in front and didnt see what was going on)

  2. He was playing with you. If you were passing and he was speeding up to not let you in you have 2 options:

    1) Speed up overtake and open up a gap so they aren't up your bum
    2) Retreat and slot in behind them as you were

    Never be in 2 minds about what you are doing and if you are overtaking always be prepared that there are numbnuts like this on the road so be ready to give the throttle a squirt to safely overtake and at the same time there could have been an oncoming car so be prepared to brake and return in to the lane behind the car as before.
  3. I would have opened the tap...if he kept it up then I'd slot in waaaay behind him...taking note of his plate...if mr plod wont take action when I tell them about his actions on the road..including the stubbies and cigarette butts that he was ditching out the window...the EPA will.
  4. +1 to ResmeN

    Only 2 options available - pass or retreat. Pick the one where the risk is minimal - coming home alive in one piece takes priority.

    Pricks like this are best avoided - pull over for a couple of minutes if needed and let them get further up the road and away from you.
  5. I've got no doubt that if I had pulled in behind, he would have slammed the brakes on. I was already riding well over the speed limit in the attempt to pass, I pushed her along even faster just to squeeze in front and thats when he started tailgating.
  6. That's when you point to your Go-Pro and make the "i'm watching you" gesture.
  7. Apart from what others had said, what concerns me in your posts are:
    Did you?
    a) Attempt to pass before nearing the crest of the hill, had him speed up and get caught out on the wrong side of the road, or
    b) Decide to pass him in what is potentially dangerous position believing you would make it (not knowing what was approaching from the other side of the crest).

    If option (a), slot in behind {why do you believe he would have slammed on the brakes if you chose this route?}. If you were executing option (b), you're taking a gamble that could end up quite messy.

    I've had many that appear to wake up when trying to make a pass and if they speed up that much, I simply slot in behind. (More often than not, they immediately slow back down and we go through the whole exercise again.)
  8. Blaise, when I started to pass, there was ample time and room before the top of the hill with plenty to spare. As soon as I began to overtake, he sped up and matched my speed so no matter how fast I went, he was there deliberately keeping me out. Thats when I began to get close to the hill top. I went by my first instinct of riding it through, probably would have been safer to pull back in, with hindsight. It was the tailgaiting then that got to me, he was really aggressive and close, just dont know for sure how pulling back in behind would have gone, and will never know now, but he was doing his best to be a pain, and succeeded. The annoying thing was he kept a slow steady pace when hubby went past first, so I assumed he would do the same for me. After he got sick of tailgaing, he dropped right back to a crawl, so it was obviously a bit of fun at my expense.
  9. I'm agreeing with what most are saying. Don't be gentle and polite with overtakes. Get it done safely but ruthlessly - bugger the speed limit when you're on the wrong side of the road. (It is actually a defense if you need to speed up to avoid an accident, though it doesn't always work).

    If they are in a car quick enough to still give you trouble, back off immediately and don't stop backing off until you've got in behind.

    You can knock off speed a lot faster than you can gain it, usually.
  10. Got the full picture now, just some ass-hat getting his jollies at your expense. Sorry if I cast any aspersions to your overtaking tactics.
  11. Hi Ametha, wasn't between Woodofrd and Kilcoy was it? I was behind a blue 4wd that was doing 90ish I finally got a spot to pass and went around, he increased speed about another 30km/h as I tried to pass him. I got around him as I had plenty of open road ahead. Never the less I wasn't particularly impressed. Others had passed him, but their bikes had a little (a lot) more get up and go than me, so might not have even noticed his shenanigans.
  12. Hey Ametha,

    I had the worst case of tailgating yesterday, what I found works is to slow right down. This BWM was on my back wheel at 60k (the speed limit) making me really nervous, so I just braked down to 30k's and then speed back up so there was plenty of room behind me, had to do that 3 times before she got the message.

    It sounds like you just got a complete C**K head....

  13. Coaltrain, it was a newish Holden ute on the back road between Somerset Dam and the Brisbane Valley highway which comes out just north of Esk. Looks like the idiots were out in force yesterday!
  14. Let's hope that the idiot gets what is coming to him. I would have poo'd my pants. My bike doesn't even go that fast!
  15. maplegum, my legs were still shaking when I got home a few hours later!
  16. Agree with titus.

    If I’m going to overtake someone I make sure I’m only on the wrong side of the road for a few seconds. Which usually means passing at 30-40kmph. I’d never attempt to overtake someone at 5-10kmph. Chances are;
    - They’ll see you, realise they’re holding up traffic and speed up.
    - Changing speed involuntarily as they’re distracted.
    - Be a knob and play chicken (what this guy did)

    Either way you’ll be stuck on the wrong side of the road for far too long...
    Drop down a few gears, rev it up and get it done. Otherwise wait for an overtaking lane.:biker:
  17. Always a tosser on the roads... nothing you can do, except use your own judgement!

    First common sense - back off, and pull over if you have to for a minute and let them disapear.
    Second - make sure you have the power under you, before attempting to match wits!

    And lastly - you probably look to much a pretty rider! :p
  18. Bax, could be the pink on my jacket that gave it away!
  19. ..Sorry to hear about that Ametha.. what a tosser!! :|
  20. I wouldn't like to have this guy behind me, nor to provoke him as he clearly didnt give a toss for your welfare. I think I would have just let him go, but I'm not one for picking a fight.