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What should i get?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mr_roboto, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    just bought myself a bike finally and now its time to get some gear

    how much should i spend on a helmet? im looking at a full face one, maybe arai or nolan

    same for jacket, looking at dryrider's or dragin jacket's, but not sure. how do the dragin superlight jackets fair? or any one them?

    also gloves, how much should i spend?

    i might buy some dragin' pants too

    fashion sense is my main concern (of course safety as well, otherwise i wouldnt get anything)

    so any suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. How long's a piece of string?
    Really how much to spend is always going to be a little subjective. If you want the maximum level of protection possible then you're going to need to spend many, many thousands of dollars to buy basically what the MotoGP guys are wearing. But of course such gear would be completely useless if you never bothered putting it on for short trips or commuting to work.

    What you need to look for is a balance between comfort/convenience and protection - where you draw that line of course is entirely up to you (some people like to squid, others wear expensive race leathers all the time). As a rough guide though plan on spending at least a thousand bucks - and don't forget about protecting your feet as well.
  3. You will need at least a jacket, helmet, boots and gloves. Pants are a good addition,here the draggin's are good, but leather is still the best.

    For a median brand expect:

    Jacket (leather): $600
    Jacket (textile): $350
    Gloves : $100
    Boots: $200
    Pants (Leather): $500
    Pants (kevlar): $200

    All up, you would be pushing near: $850 - $1400
  4. maybe you should look into getting one of those clown suits. The ones with the model of your bike plastered all over it in Stoner colours or something and do laps up and down Beach Road.
  5. My advice;
    Dont worry about brand. Get what fits best. End of lesson :!:

    No good having a funky Nolan lid that you hate wearing because it's uncomfortable or a jacket you cant move in but it looks "nice".

    A bloke of average size and requirements can be kitted out with quality gear in a weekend for $1500 or less buying from Aussie shops. Less from OS but that carry's risks.
  6. Thank God. Finally somebody who understands the importance of dressing properly. I despair when I see so many riders wearing outfits that manage to clash with themselves, their bikes and the surroundings all at the same time... I thought that colour-blindness would preclude one from getting a drivers licence, but apparently not.
  7. When i first started out i went to bike mart.. Sharon said what is your budget ?? I said to her i dont want to get hurt .. She says so is there any figure you have in mind, and i said no i just dont want to get hurt. I got everything, and matching of course for $1100.. That was helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, pants, tinted visor and disc lock. :grin:
  8. Guys there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance.
  9. I totally agree with that.. :cool:
  10. Boots and pants are particularly relevent in the convenience vs. safety. If you go the all out race style boot it is unlikely that you'll want to wear them down to the shops whereas if you get some touring boots which sorta look like normal boots you might find them not so bad to wear.

    My Dryrider boots are quicker to put on than and lace up shoes. Definite plus.

    i feel that you should spend as much as you can reasonably afford to get the best quality. If you stack you'll be glad you spent the extra money and if you don't stack it should last a fair while.
  11. Normally if you can stick to the same brand with pants and jacket you can find schemes that will go well with each other.
  12. I recently purcahsed a jacket that was mid-way cheap then realised it didn't offer as much protection as i would have liked so i then had to go through the trouble of selling it in order to buy something better.
    moral of the story is, why not fork out a few extra pennys to get something somewhat top of the range so you won't need to upgrade later on down the track?
    perhaps other people will see it differently, that's just my two cents on gear.

  13. what on earth is that signature
  14. Yes, pooves do that all the time.