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what should i get

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cal88, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. hey guys i just got my re licence and i was wondering if any body could recomend a couple of models too look out for. at the moment im looking at a 1990 cbr250r and the average price for them is 6ooo dollars. i really like the look of them but i dont want to pay that much for a 16 year old motorbike. if its possible i would like a model no older than 1997 for about $6000 with a similar look to the cbr
    any help would really be appreciated

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  3. how fast is and how long will that last
  4. 1, 250's arn't fast.. Fullstop
    2, It will last as long as you want it too. If you take good care of it, it wont JUST stop working.
    3, Buy my bike...... its naked, but it's as quick as a cbr250 and its 4k. LOL

    If your after faired bikes, you could try FZR's ZXR, you in LAM's country?

    BTW: Welcome to Netrider, hope to see ya on a ride soon. Good luck with the searching.
  5. lams country? im from brizzie thanks for your help mate send us a picturer of your bike so i can get an idea of what i might like
  6. 1990 CBR250s around $6000??? I won't pay anything over $4000...
  7. find us a decent cbr250r for $4000 in brisbane
  8. http://www.autotrader.com.au/itemin..._srchby_mmbsRZSQType_stpg_1_subs_Motor+Bikes_

    There's an RR for $4600 that you could easily bargain down to $4k (Sunshine Coast though). Personally I think that's too much money for a CBR, whether they sell for that or not.

    The CBR250R is not as good as the RR, but is a bit cheaper.


    That one is only asking $3k from a dealer.

    You should manage to get a CBR250R in great nic for $2.5k private sale, or an RR for about $3.5k.

    If you pay $6k for a CBR250R in any condition you're a damn fool.
  9. [​IMG]
    250cc with far better power to weight than a highly modified CBR600RR = You have been corrected. Fullstop.
  10. ahahahhahaha, shit that's funny. WOW. thats a bling bling bike, I wonder how much that cost... I am pretty sure the OP will be able to pick up something like that for 6 grand...... tool!

    Obviously you own a 250cc (prob a 2 stroke) and I bet you think your the bee's knees! I am sure you justify your 250cc by insisting that you keep up with the big boys in the twisties and only loose them on the straight!

    Get your hand off ya knob and remember that 120km you pull at redline in second, is only first gear for a CBR600.
  11. If you're not worried about having "the fastest" and simply want something that looks like a CBR (ie fully faired) but isn't overpriced or 16 years old then your options would basically be a ZZR, GPX, Across or GT250R. If you want performance then consider something like a Cagiva Mito, Aprillia RS125/250 or SZR660 (depending on what QLD regs restrict you to).
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but QLD limit is 250cc for entry level bikes.
    I had a zzr250 I bought for a little over 3k when I lived there. Sold it for 2.8k 18 months later. Great bike, enough power for normal use, comfortable, and (IMO) good looks.

    Don't be too fussy for your first bike. You probably won't have it for much longer than 12 months. You should be able to get a decent bike for about 3 to 3.5k. They are still alot of fun, and in all probability, you'll drop it before you get around to an upgrade (most likely caused by some cager's stupidity rather than your own). That's why you may want to look into getting a naked bike.

    After a little while on the bike, you will notice that no production 250 is all too powerful. Especially if you prefer the nice clean four strokes. :wink:
  13. I was simply pointing out how wrong you were saying that "250's arn't fast.. Fullstop"

    That bike is a 250, and it is fast. Do you not deal well with logic or is it just a Monday thing?

    That bike, by the way, is a Yamaha TZ250. It's not a road bike, and they cost $20k new from Yamaha. About the same as a new R1. It is a production bike, but not one intended for the street.

    I didn't say it was faster than a 600, or a 1000, or any other bike - I just said it was fast.

    I've made my post in many small sections, as I'm not sure you could handle reading large chunks all at once.

    How many fast bikes have you owned? I have owned more (not many of them 250cc).

    I'd pick you as someone who hasn't been riding bikes longer than a year or so, but thinks they know more than they do.

    The OP could pick up an RGV250 for the same price as the bikes he's looking at (not that I recommend it. GPX250 or something is a sensible choice).

    Post finished.
  14. cal88 You will note that a couple of people have talked about 2 stroke bikes here...
    They have more power and are faster, and as a new rider you don't want one.

    They are more temperamental require higher maintenance and are simply a lot more dangerous in traffic. (This is in reference to the RGV, RS250 and so on)
  15. jimma, I prefer the Porsche behind the bike tho.. :LOL: :LOL:

    Chill out..
  16. thanks heeps for all your help guys i will take it all on board
  17. Now, I've prolly got this wrong but....

    I thought you could jump straight on any bike in after getting your license in QLD.
  18. na mate if your on your p plates for your car and then you get your motorbike licence you get a restricted licence ie 250
    but if you have your open licence when you get your motorbike licence you automatically get your open bike licence

  19. Call me an idiot if you want but why would you need to do more than 120 km/h unless you're on a race track?

    Particularly as this guy is limited to 80 km/h (I presume)